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Retune Your DAB Radios Today

Written on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at 8:29 am
Filed under Digital Radio, Radio.

DAB RadioIf you have one or more DAB Digital Radios, you’ll need to retune them today, March the 1st 2012.

Users of the Freeview TV system will be familiar with the concept of occasionally re-tuning to ensure that the full range of channels is stored correctly, and today’s Digital Radio Retune is no different – it’s to reflect some technical changes to the ‘Station IDs’ of a number of the UK’s radio stations, mostly those operated by Global Radio. We’re told that the reason is to make it easier for in-car DAB radios to be able to switch to a new transmitter if a stronger signal is detected.

Stations affected by today’s changes are: Heart, Capital, LBC, Kiss, XFM and Choice.

From today, you may see the message “Station Moved” if you try to tune in to any of the affected stations, and the fix should only take you a minute to do.

How to re-tune DAB

Most DAB radios have an “Auto tune” or “Auto Scan” menu option – you should use this to re-scan for your DAB radio channels to make sure that your radio sees the changes. If you don’t you may lose those stations from April, until you perform a full re-scan for radio stations.

There’s more information on today’s changes at getdigitalradio.com/retune

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5 Responses to "Retune Your DAB Radios Today"

  1. gary Says:

    done a re-tune today,anyone else?

  2. J T Webb Says:

    DAB quality is noticeably worse than FM so I never use it! We only have one radio that receives DAB and it also receives FM. Changing from one to the other makes it very clear that DAB is inferior.

  3. Teresa Tye Says:

    Just seen this and will do one today as well.

  4. gary Says:

    i do a retune once a week just in case of any new station’s becoming

  5. jackie Says:

    will retune after dinner. love my digital radio and have not listened to any other for a few years…

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