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Help and Advice on Watching Freeview

Pages of information, help and advice on receiving the digital TV service Freeview. We offer help with connectivity, signal and setup to help you get the most from Freeview

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We know that lots of people have questions or problems with Freeview and this page is here to help direct our visitors to the right place to find help and advice.

We've broken down our pages of Freeview advice into several sections to help you find what you're looking for.


New to Freeview?

More help? See our New to Freeview page


Setting up Freeview

Other connection / cabling problems? TV Connectivity


Freeview Channel problems

More reception and coverage help on our Reception page.


Using Freeview

More help on our Freeview FAQ page.


Other Freeview questions

More help on our Freeview FAQ page.


Some of our top questions:

I can't get all of the Freeview channels

See our page on Missing Freeview Channels for help

Some channels ask me to insert a Smartcard

See our "Top Up Freeview" page for details on how to access these subscription channels

I can't record Freeview

See our FAQ on how to record from Freeview

I can't get my set-top box connected

See our page of connection advice, or try our interactive Connection Advisor.

How do I get Freeview on my PC

See our "On your PC" page


We also have a Freeview forum for asking questions, and discussion of problems

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