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US Public Broadcasting hits the UK

Written on Monday, October 31st, 2011 at 11:42 am
Filed under Digital TV.

PBS LogoIn the UK, the BBC is our “not for profit” TV and radio broadcaster. In the US, the equivalent non-profit TV service, is PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

From the 1st of November 2011, it will be possible to get PBS over here in the US. PBS UK will be available initially on the Sky and Virgin platforms, as follows:

  • Sky channel 166
  • Virgin Media channel 243

The channel promises current affairs, history, documentaries, sport and science programming. Headline programmes for the launch of PBS UK include science programme “Nova”, news content with “Frontline “and “PBS Newshour”, plus the history show “American Experience”.

Although the US channel is a non-profit service, the UK channel will carry advertising, and will initially only be available to paying subscribers of Sky and Virgin. The BBC does something similar with its profit-making BBC Worldwide operation (US viewers can watch BBC content via BBC America).

Virgin customers note that some of the PBS UK content will also be available on Virgin’s On Demand service.

In the UK, one of the TV shows you’re most likely to have seen from PBS in the UK, is good old Sesame Street – Sadly, it seems that “Street” won’t be migrating to the UK’s counterpart PBS channel, as it’s believed that the kids TV market here in the UK is well served already. Oscar The Grouch won’t be pleased by that…

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2 Responses to "US Public Broadcasting hits the UK"

  1. Colin Says:

    Sounds very interesting – but can’t really see people in UK wanting to PAY for this new US PBS channel!

  2. Del Says:

    ummm dont go much on PBS… Next!!!

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