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The new BT Sport service launched on the 1st of August 2013. Here’s a summary of what you need to know about BT’s new sports service:

Get a YouView box from BT


What does BT Sport offer?

BT Sport LogoThree channels, all available in standard or high definition:

  • BT Sport 1
  • BT Sport 2
  • ESPN

What’s on BT Sport?

The lineup is much stronger than previous Sky rivals such as Setanta and ESPN. Here’s a summary:

  • Barclays Premier League football – 38 games, of which 18 are "first pick" games
  • Scottish Premier League and Scottish League
  • UEFA Europa cup
  • FA Cup – 25 games, including the final
  • Aviva Premiership Rugby (all 69 matches exclusive to BT Sport)
  • Women’s Tennis Association Tour
  • Moto GP (exclusive rights from 2014 season)
  • UFA Ultimate Fighting Championship (BT holds exclusive rights)


How you can watch BT Sport?

Via Sky Satellite TV If you’re a Sky subscriber and get your broadband from BT, then you’ll get BT Sport on Sky for no extra cost. Get BT Sport on Sky

If you’re a Sky subscriber, but don’t get your broadband from BT, then BT Sport will cost £12 a month (or £15 a month for HD)

For Sky customers, it may pay to switch your broadband to BT

If you’re not a Sky subscriber, but have a Sky dish and subscription card, then you can get BT Sport via satellite. Free to BT Broadband / BT Infinity, otherwise £12 a month (or £15 for HD) – Get BT Sport
Via BT TV (BT Vision or YouView)

BT Sport is available at no extra charge for customers who get their broadband from BT. Get BT Sport

BT Sport HD is only be available to BT Infinity customers.

On Virgin Media

BT Sport is free to Virgin Media cable TV customers on the XL package, otherwise it’s £15 a month.

Via your computer / tablet / smartphone

A BT Sport App is available for iOS devices, Android, PC and Mac.

BT Sport via the app is available free to BT Broadband and BT Infinity customers (no need to recontract)


How much does BT Sport cost?

With BT for Broadband?

BT Sport is free if you’re on BT Broadband or BT Infinity. You will be asked to re-contract for 12 months to get the service free. More on BT Sport

Not with BT for Broadband?

If you’re with Sky TV, you can add BT Sport to your Sky package for £12 a month. – Add BT Sport to Sky

Otherwise, switch your broadband to BT and get the three BT Sport channels for free. Typical saving is from £134 a year (May 2013 prices)

Note that BT Sport is only free to customers of BT’s residential broadband – the offer doesn’t include BT Business Broadband customers.


Your BT Sport questions answered

We put some of your questions to the team at BT in May 2013. Here are a few of your questions:

I’m with Virgin – Can I get BT Sport?

Yes. BT Sport is now available on the Virgin Media cable platform.

Virgin LogoVirgin customer? BT has pointed out that switching to BT from Virgin can save customers money. Rugby fans could save £373 a year by switching to BT Sport – See the following example (May 2013 prices):

  • Virgin: Virgin TV Pack + Sky Sports + 30MB Broadband+Line Rental = £66.74 a month
  • BT: TV Essential + BT Infinity + Line Rental (BT Sport free) = £35.45 a month


I’m not able to get BT Infinity. Can I get BT Sport?

Yes. It free to Sky TV customers who get their broadband from BT, otherwise £12 a month via Sky.

You can also get BT Sport on one of BT’s two TV boxes (BT Vision or YouView). Note that if you’re not in a BT Infinity area, then BT Sport will only be available in standard definition (via a TV aerial, not over broadband)

I can’t get fast broadband… can I get BT Sport via a TV aerial?

BT broadband customers can watch BT Sport online at home with a minimum line speed of 400kbps.

The good news is that if you can get BT Broadband and one of BT’s set-top boxes, you’ll be able to get BT Sport’s channels via your TV aerial. It will only be in standard definition (you’ll need BT Infinity to get HD). Take a look on BT’s site for details of BT Vision and Youview from BT

BT Sport and MotoGP

In May 2013, BT announced that it had acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast MotoGP races starting with the 2014 season. The five-year deal includes free practices and full coverage of Moto2 and Moto3. What does thi smean for the sport?

BT’s plans for MotoGP include extra content from the new BT Sport studios at the Olympic Park, plus a second screen experience that shows the race from the perspective of the rider. Additional MotoGP programming will appear in the BT Sport schedules, and on-demand content will also be available. MotoGP and the extra content will be free to BT Broadband customers.

I’m already on a deal with BT. Will this end if I re-contract?

According to BT’s terms:  "If you’ve got a broadband special offer, you’ll keep it on the same terms you originally agreed to – including when it ends. The basic price of BT broadband stays the same: and that’s what you’ll pay when any special offer stops"

What are the requirements for the BT Sport app?

This became available in August 2013, as follows:

  • Desktop / Laptop: Requires Microsoft Silverlight.
  • iPhone (3GS and above)
  • iPad (iOS 5.1.1 and above)
  • Selected Android devices with OS 4.0


Got a question about BT Sport? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


  • Stephen Chambers

    How do I go about getting BT Sports on Freeview and how much will it cost please

  • Michael Amphlett

    I am moving premises shortly and I wish to cancel my present agreement that I have held with you for about 2 years. I am in indifferent health and need to reassess whether I need any sports coverage at all irrespective of the provider, yourselves, Sky, Virgin. I do trust not communication being relayed by text, Email, telephone call etc. I only use the formal letter. I need your address in order to write to you. Please provide it so that I can inform you of my plans. It is quite possible that should personal circumstances improve that I would return to BT Sport in the future. There is nothing wrong with the service. In order to help you locate me on your system my present address is 24 Fowler Street, Taunton TA 2 6JB. I pay by direct debit. I have no idea of any passwords, pin codes, subscription numbers etc. Clearly this could be interpreted by you as a spoof and I will not be given the address. This would be regrettable. If I do not receive your postal address either direct to Fowler Street or E mail within 7 days I will instruct my bank to cancel the direct debit. Fear not, I am aware of the 30 day notice period.
    I hope I receive a positive response from you. One day you will age, tire and prior enthusiasm will wane. I thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation, understanding and humanity.

  • John Donoghue

    I see that Europa league final is being shown free!
    I have a freeview box.
    Would I be able to watch the game on my telly?

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