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FAQ: How to use this forum (Read 8972 times)
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FAQ: How to use this forum
Sep 21st, 2004 at 8:48pm
Instructions on how to use this forum:

How to post a message
1. Register a forum account using "Register" from the forum menu. When this is complete, you will be emailled a password
2. Go to the forum and select "Login" from the menu. You will be asked for your username and password
3. You will be presented with a list of boards. Select the one that interests you, and click on the board name
4. You will see the board messages.

- To post a new message, go to the correct board, then select "Start new topic"
- To read one of the board's messages, click on the message title. If you wish to reply, select "Reply"

Problems logging on
When you register with this forum, you'll be emailled with a password to go with your username. To log on, do the following:
1. Go to the forum front page and press Login
2. When prompted, enter your username and password (these are case-sensitive)

If you have a problem logging on, or see a message such as "An Error Has Occured", you may need to refresh the page, or shut down the web browser, re-open it and try again (as the unregistered version may still be in memory).
If you see that your username or password aren't recognised, this could be something to do with the way that you're entering your username or password. These are case-sensitive, so make sure you are using capital letters if needed. If you still can't log in, contact us providing your email address, username and error message, and we'll reset the password for you.

No Welcome Message?
Not getting the welcome email or notification emails? Chances are you or your email provider have filtered our automated forum message as spam. Check your spam folder for the message, then set your spam filter to accept messages from our forum. You can use the 'Forgot password?' button on our login page to get your password sent to you by email. The other possibility is that you have entered an invalid email address. Contact us with your forum username and email address if you still can't get your welcome message.

Other problems?
-Message telling you "You are not logged in" - The forum makes use of cookies to remember your login details. Make sure your browser isn't blocking our cookie (Tools > Internet Options > Privacy). Also, try the advice above
- Old logon details - Logon details are held in a cookie - Use Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies if you have problems.
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