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        SERVICES PROVIDED BY TVs and set-top boxes with HD channels and 4K TV quality…

        For TVs, it helps to find extended warranty coverage such as 2 years instead of 1 year for brand new models. In my case, I prefer buying from the website to get their 6-year warranty coverage just in case and especially so for large TV screens and TV updates that may or may not work!

        Also note that Hisense TVs for the year 2024 may also include FREELY which is an on-going replacement for Freeview channels. The use of the Internet streaming means we’re having to pay extra costs rather than using our existing rooftop aerials for Freeview. We’ve already seen a massive introduction of Internet streaming and the latest set-top boxes like the Netgem Netbox 4K models get over a hundred extra TV channels when we run the autotuning service for Freeview as well as the Netbox TV Channels. Even more TV channels have been added recently…

        I’ve bought the Netgem Netbox 4K boxes already and was pleased to get the emails I subscribed for telling me of new TV channels which other set-top boxes don’t get.

        The LG 4K Tvs get their own selection of LG TV channels by the way…

        The ROKU set-top boxes have a separate ROKU TV channels selection, too.

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          I bought this for £15 including delivery:

          Netgem N7950 Streaming TV Box

          This gets me over 100 Netgem TV channels as well as the Freeview channels…

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