HISENSE 2024 TV with Freely?

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        Consider if QVC will ever provide a demo for the Hisense Freely TV models of 2024 or other Freely services on other TVs… or set-top boxes…


        EXAMPLE, HUNE 2024…


        Take note of the specifications! Take note of the images as well.

        This model does not get Freesat so no satellite input and maybe other Hisense TVs would get this service, so check if Freesat is required!

        Here is a Hisense TV with Freely included on the 2024 models.

        This 43″ screen is £410 but the 15% off leads to a reduced price of about £350 instead, and with free delivery, too.

        2-year warranty coverage for model number 43A6NTUK…

        Some will prefer larger TV screens so if discounts increase to 20% later on then that’s even better value for money.

        Many gamble on 2-year warranty coverage based on many TVs lasting for over 6 years anyway. That’s the gamble after 2-years have passed by…

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