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        We can access the Internet on our computers and laptops as well as Android devices such as tablets and set-top boxes and TV sticks as well as on modern Smart TVs such as the large screen 4K wi-fi and ethernet enabled TVs. We get various TV apps as well as Android apps and Firestick apps. So while these are available it helps if we buy the 4K devices and use the Settings to customise our receivers. YouTube has been updating us on various devices for years yet in recent months we are getting restrictions on the Amazon Firesticks and the ROKU set-top box as well. So we need to see what the companies are restricting or adding adverts and whatever privacy they want regardless of what we want.

        The google–com website may lead to several updates but these may be out-of-date within weeks as every device that has the software update option can make drastic and unwelcome changes that YouTube gurus alert us to.

        Some gurus are recommending other devices while other gurus tell us that some devices have pre-installed malware. We can’t just rely on customer reviews, we need gurus and their in-depth analysis.


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