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        sky–com and virginmedia–com websites will help us to select our services or subscriptions yet it’s safer to phone sky or virginmedia as a customer. The VM Customer number is 150 and faults etc on 151 instead. Explain your circumstances if on benefits or disabled or a pensioner to haggle for discounted charges because of their long contracts binding you in for months.

        The nowtv–com service offers us an alternative for short contracts and if we subscribe to receive emails we can get extra discount deals on Sky Entertainment or Cinema or Sports…

        I tried Sky Q and sent it back and got the Sky Q Dish set-up cancelled so I got back the Sky+ HD set-up for the dish instead. I couldn’t record from the Sky Q box to a DVD Recorder. If Sky Q goes wrong then we lose our recordings so that’s not a step forward in my experience. Same problem with the VM 360 box that won’t let me record to a DVD Recorder either. So I cancelled the TV service and must return their set-top box. That leads to a lower monthly cost.

        Same again for Sky when I cancelled the Sky Kids channels and the bill went down a few pounds.

        I’m not using NOW TV services at the moment as I don’t want to pay full prices for a limited service offered for each package deal. So I’ll wait and see for better deals later.

        I prefer the Sky+ HD box as it has the scart output and the HDMI output. I can record films and show from live shows or the Sky+ Planner or the downloaded content. I’m on the subscriptions for the basic Entertainment Channels and HD Channels. I can set up a series recording link as well. I can use a timeshift feature to reverse and pause and fast forward and even download from the start of the playback for some shows. The recordings allow me to bookmark positions in the playback. I can use Search and select HD or SD quality playbacks. I can see the episodes for several series as well. So that’s why I keep the Sky+ HD set-top box and why I bought the 2 TB set-top boxes from eBay to take full advantage of the Sky+ Planner’s storage space. I also use the Sky amplifier kits for each Sky cable input to boost the signal quality.

        YouTube has several Sky equipment video tutorials and tricks and tips so that’s useful to explore.


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