TView Launches on Freeview

A movie service called TView has launched on Freeview.

The service appears on Freeview Channel 32 (labelled as Big Deal), and is a per-per-view movie service. It runs from 6pm to 5am.

The Movie lineup for Wednesday the 13th of April: Alpha & Omega, Jack Falls, Terry, Stripped Naked and Living Dead Girl.

Movies are available for between £3 and £5 each, and you order by premium rate text message to receive a PIN to unlock the movie.

You can find more deals by going to Channel 32, or


  • gary

    yet another pay channel on freeview it’s just not fair
    freeview should be a public service so we decide what channels
    go on freeview there will be no free channels left soon we will
    have to pay for them all freeview should rename to payview because
    it’s not free

  • john

    i agree, to many crap channels, some only on a few hours aday, freeview is getting worst

  • JEPS

    Oh do come on there is plenty of free dross on there – the fact that a few pay channels are on there aswell can only be a plus.

  • lewis

    more then a few pay channels on freeview
    sky spots 1&2, espn, top up tv, 3 pay adult channels,
    t-view movies, more then a few i will say

  • lewis

    sorry sports lol

  • mark

    why dont you put a channel on worth watching which part didnt you understand about freeview uknow FREE VIEW so why you putting channels on people have to pay to watch.. you wanna get a new job try comedy you seem to laugh at us alot

    WHAT A JOKE !!!!

  • keV Hopwood

    This is s good idea. It’s like blockbuster, just at a set time and a little expensive.

  • Del

    And thats freeview is it haha its a joke what a waste of time freeview may aswel throw the tool in…

  • john

    how about we get another FREE movie channel or something worth watching instead of shopping channels & porn

  • lewis

    i blame ofcom because they give the license for these
    pay channels to broadcast on freeview

  • Del

    This tview is a joke last nite they were showing a film frm 1971 expecting ppl to pay £3 for it haha tht is so funny….

  • Jenny

    The movies on Big deal aren’t worth 50 pence, like most of the other channels repeats from years ago, Total crap UK television

  • nathan williams

    will freeview rename big deal channel 32 to tview it make more sense

  • nathan williams

    why cant freeview have some new free to view movie channels not ppv it not very fair and what tba on channel 45 gonna be

  • lewis

    i agree, has for tba channel 45 someone told me it’s
    going to be sony tv and starts 7th may 2011, they are
    going to show some great movies, but i think sony tv
    maybe ppv? don’t know yet

  • gary

    tview is not broadcasting anymore? on channel 32
    now showing jewellery channel

  • Del

    I noticed its switched to the jewellery channel to musta come to there sence’s freeview need to sort there act out i had freeview in my b’room but i bought a multiple lnb had a spare digibox i’ve run a feed into my b’room and i use the free channels via my dish sorted…

  • Seems the service has been removed, with claims being made that it was just a 2 week trial

  • Del

    Yea of course it was a trial more like nobody was interested haha…

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