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A corner of the web dedicated to the hidden gem that is “On The Blog” – The BBC Radio 2 comedy about Andrew Glasgow, an online blogger. This comedy ran for three series, with no sign of a fourth as yet.


What is On The Blog?

This is a hidden gem of a comedy that first appeared in 2007 tucked away on a Saturday afternoon on BBC Radio 2.

This 30 minute radio sitcom show follows the online life of Andrew Glasgow as he sets up his first blog. On The Blog ran for three series, each of six episodes, although one episode was never transmitted.

On The Blog caught our attention because of its clever use of audio to represent the output of the hero, Andrew Glasgow’s computer. We’ve all had problems with life on the Internet – frustrations such as spam, slow connections, phishing, blogging and abusive blog comments.

The show cleverly weaves online activities into the storyline, with references to spoof websites such as eBuy, Myface and shopping site Congo. Well written, amusing, and good fun. The series is produced by Dirks Maggs (who produced the recent Hitchhiker’s radio series) for production company Above The Title.


On The Blog Series 1

Lasted six episodes, and ran on BBC Radio 2 in 2007.

We’re introduced to Andrew Glasgow, as he starts his online blog, and get to meet some of his online friends.

In the first series, Men Behaving Badly’s Caroline Quentin plays about a thousand parts (including the voice of the computer), and does a sterling job.


On The Blog Series 2

Started its run on the 31st of May 2008.

The genius creation that is “On The Blog” continues. Serial wargamer Andrew Glasgow’s found himself a girlfriend (with a jealous flatmate). Even more well observed humour about the pitfalls of living in the online world. A must for anyone with a radio and a web browser.

Oddly, Caroline Quentin no longer plays the voice of the computer, but does still appear as Andrew’s Czech mother.

Missing last episode: There’s some mystery over the last episode, “PC World”, which didn’t air on the expected date… why is a mystery! (see below)


On The Blog Series 3

The third series started its run on 14th January 2010. Andrew’s moved out from under his mother’s wing, and is forced to try to find himself a job. He tries his hand at historical bus tours plus a stint at his local building society, without much luck.


On The Blog Series 4

No news on a fourth series of On The Blog. Nothing on the Above The Title Productions site, or on the Radio 2 Comedy site – Could that be the end for Andrew Glasgow?


On The Blog Cast

  • Andrew Glasgow (aka Glasgow1812) – Andy Taylor
  • Andrew’s mum / voice of computer (Series 1) – Caroline Quentin
  • Also featuring: Simon Greenall and Denica Fairman

If you can track down On The Blog and like your tech… take a listen.


On The Blog Questions?

Can we expect a CD to be released?

  • No news, but we’d love to see a CD of “On The Blog”. According to a post on our forum, a CD of “On The Blog” is not likely, due to the complexities and costs involved in clearing the commercially-available music used at various points on the show. Shame…

What happened to the last episode of Series 2?

  • The last episode of Series 2, called “PC World” was scheduled for transmission on Saturday 5th July 2008 at 1:30pm on BBC Radio 2. For some reason, it was pulled by BBC Radio and replaced with a repeat of “Daydream Believers”.
  • When we asked the BBC, we were told: “The final episode of On The Blog may be broadcast at a later date. Keep an eye on the website for details. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.”
  • There’s some background to the unexpected removal in a post on our forum.
  • The description for the missing show is: “Andy finds himself at the centre of a media storm after an apparently incriminating file is found on his computer”

Open message to the BBC and Above The Title… How’s about making this show available online (with edits as necessary)? Go on… your fans deserve closure to Series 2!


On The Blog Links

  • We found an On The Blog MySpace Page, which doesn’t have a lot to say, but seems to be the only official “home” for On The Blog
  • Above The Title – Production company responsible for On The Blog
  • Andy Taylor’s site – The man behind the voice of Andrew Glasgow
  • Discuss On The Blog in our UK Comedy Forum

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