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What's the switchover?

BT Vision and the Digital Switchover


If you're looking for a digital TV service, you might want something that offers more than the basic Freeview channels, without committing yourself to Sky's expensive TV service. If that's the case, BT Vision could be for you.


What is BT Vision?

It's a digital TV service - You get around 40 live TV channels from Freeview (including BBC3, ITV2, E4, Film 4, Dave, Quest, Pick TV, etc). What you also get is access to a decent collection of "on demand" content delivered over your Broadband connection.

A movie service is available, and sports fan can get Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and ESPN.



The BT Vision set-top box has a menu option that allows you to browse through BT's library of films, TV shows, music videos and recent sporting events - select something to view, and you can watch on your TV straight away.

BT Vision Box

Getting BT Vision:

To get BT Vision, you'll need a special BT Vision set-top box, called a BT Vision+ Box, which is supplied to customers of the BT Broadband service. This box can record up to 80 hours of TV on its built-in recorder.

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