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How do I get a Digital Aerial?

TV aerial

First off, there is no such thing as a Digital Aerial.

Most standard rooftop aerials that have been around long before digital TV are perfectly capable of getting digital TV, and for most people, there's no need to change the TV aerial to be able to get Freeview.

One of the problems with Freeview commonly blamed on aerials, is that not everyone can get Freeview. This will change as more and more parts of the UK complete the Digital Switchover - as more transmitters are converted to digital and the Freeview power is increased.

To check if you can receive Freeview with a standard rooftop TV aerial, go to the Freeview postcode checker and enter your postcode.


Do I need a new aerial for Freeview?

Most people won't need a new TV aerial to get Freeview. Freeview and aerials


Will Freeview work on an indoor aerial?

Only if you're in a strong Freeview signal area. More on our Freeview and Indoor Aerials section.


How much will a new aerial cost?

As we explain above, most people won't need a new aerial for Freeview.

If the Freeview postcode checker tells you that you should be able to get a Freeview signal where you live, but you're having a problem getting Freeview, contact a local CAI-approved aerial installer and ask them to come and look at your setup. Try Yellow Pages or

Problems? If you're in a good Freeview coverage area, but can't get a signal, there are a number of possible reasons. It could be that there is a problem with your existing aerial, you need a new aerial, you need a booster, or there are problems with your cabling. A CAI-approved aerial installer can advise you on what's needed and provide you with a quote.

It's impossible for a website like ours to tell you how much this work would cost - as this depends on your individual circumstances - size of property, accessibility, number of rooms, cabling length. Get a quote from one or two reputable installers in your area before committing to getting any work done.


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