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Do I need a TV licence?

Site visitor Margaret Hawksworth asks:

"I have been told that when we go digital we will no longer have to have a TV licence. Is this true?"

Sorry - not true. You need a TV licence to watch digital TV in the UK. BBC channels are funded by the UK TV licence fee.

Mike James asks:

"If I don't 'go digital', thereby being unable to receive TV signals, will I still need a TV licence to watch videos and DVDs?"


You don't need a TV Licence if you only use your TV to watch videos and DVDs. Under the Communications Act 2003, you need a valid TV licence if you're in the UK, and your home has one or more TV or any other device that which is used to receive or record TV programmes.


The TV Licensing website advises that if you own one or more TV sets but they're not used to watch or record TV, you should notify them in writing (to prevent a knock on the door!). A TV Licensing Enforcement Officer may visit you to confirm that you do not need a licence.



See the TV Licensing site if you need more help on TV licensing in the UK.

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