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What about VideoPlus?

A message from site visitor Bob Studley:

"What happens to 'Videoplus' after the switchover? Will it still be useable on the digital channels?"

We've also been asked: "Will Videoplus work with digital TV?"

We suspect that Videoplus will be a thing of the past when the Digital Switchover comes in. For a start, with so many digital TV channels, the old system of using code numbers to program VHS video recorders will no longer be practical.

More importantly, newer technology makes Videoplus less relevant - VHS video recorders are being phased out in favour of DVD recorders and hard-disk recorders, and digital TV services now come with onscreen programme guides, called an EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), which make selection of programmes a lot easier.

Below is a screenshot of Sky's EPG:

Sky Electronic Programme Guide

You should still be able to use a video recorder to record digital TV after the switchover. You'll need to connect a digital TV set-top box to the input of your VCR. See our Video Recording FAQ for guidance.

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