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Radio and TV Jobs in the UK

This page contains links to sites listing UK TV and radio jobs, plus links for those looking for information on working in the UK broadcasting industry.

Some suggested UK media job sites

Broadcast Looking for jobs in the UK radio industry? Here’s our list of UK radio job sites, as well as other media industry recruitment services:

  • Media Guardian – Media jobs from the Guardian newspaper
  • Media Directory – Discussion forum for positions wanted and jobs available
  • Jobs In Broadcast – TV, Radio and Film jobs – Free to candidates
  • RadioTalent – Radio job ads. Add your details to be talent-spotted
  • Productionbase – Insiders’ network for Film and TV production, keeping tabs on who’s hiring & who’s available
  • Grapevine jobs – Specialising in opportunities in broadcast, film and music
  • MusicMarket – Specialising in the music, entertainment and broadcast industries
  • Christy Media – Broadcast and New Media recruiters with contract and perm jobs on offer
  • PCR – Broadcast technology recruitment specialists
  • Production Elite – recruitment agency for TV production management freelancers
  • Broadcast Graduate – Register for free and search for opportunities

Working in radio

We’ve created a page dedicated to offering advice on how to get a job in UK radio. Please visit our Working in Radio page.

Tips on preparing Demo tapes – If you’re looking to become a radio presenter, your demo tape is very important. See our Demo Tape Tips section

UK TV and Radio courses

Looking to get a better understanding of the UK broadcasting industry? See if there’s a Broadcasting course in your area.


Other useful broadcasting links:

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  1. Victor Says:

    I would like more information about working for a London
    or British Television Station or Network. I have 20 years experience.

    Thank you.

  2. udogwu chubi sheriff Says:

    My name is udogwu chubi sheriff,please I need a job an I will love to be a broadcaster?

  3. ashleigh smith Says:

    i would like info on working or job vacancies in tyne and wear radio please.

  4. Vincent Kwofie Says:

    My name is Vincent kwofie,I have completed a media school in Ghana where I obtained a professional diploma,I want to ask if I will get a place for my internship or a school to further my education.

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