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BBC iPlayer comes to BT Vision

Written on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 at 5:24 pm
Filed under BT Vision, Catch-up TV.

BBC iPlayer LogoThe full version of the BBC iPlayer is now, finally, available on BT Vision.

BT Vision customers can now access the library of recentĀ  TV content from the BBC, plus loads of BBC radio shows from their BT Vision box.

Vision customers have been able to access some BBC catch-up content before, but until this month, the full iPlayer experience wasn’t available.

BBC iPlayer doesn’t form a part of the services listed under On Demand TV Catchup. It has its own channel – Channel 990 is the new home of the iPlayer service.


BBC iPlayer on BT Vision

The BBC iPlayer, now available from BT Vision boxes


It’s great to finally have the BBC iPlayer available on BT’s service – The BBC Replay service has an ok selection of recent BBC shows, but no radio, and certainly not the full range of shows. We’re using iPlayer now, to catch up with this week’s excellent Lead Balloon with Jack Dee. Great stuff.

Catch-up TV services from the main broadcasters is available as part of the TV Replay service, and is available now.

More catch-up

If you have Vision, also note that Channel 5’s “Demand 5″ service is now back on BC Vision after a break of about 8 months, reportedly due to contractural issues.

BT Vision now offers catch-up from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, as well as ESPN Replay. With the five main channels covered, that meakes BT Vision the only one of the digital TV services to offer the full suite of main terrestrial channels.

More our review of BT Vision, go to Radio & Telly’s BT Vision section

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One Response to "BBC iPlayer comes to BT Vision"

  1. Del Says:

    Yea all very well having the iplayer on tv platforms the beeb need an app for iphones itv hve launched 1 oh dear catch up bbc…

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