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BT TV LogoOur look at BT TV (formerly BT Vision). On this page, you’ll find an overview of BT’s home digital TV service, which combines Freeview with a library of on-demand movies and TV shows. We also answer common questions on the service, as well as provide help and advice.

What is BT TV?

BT TV channelsBT TV combines digital TV via a TV aerial, a digital video recorder, plus a large collection of TV shows and movies available “on demand” over BT Broadband. You can find details of the service at

The BT TV service includes the BT TV box, which stores up to 600 hours of TV and lets you access thousands of hours of online TV and films.


The BT TV Box Pro 

What does BT TV offer?

  • Over 70 TV channels and 20 radio channels (See BT TV channels).
  • Watch a selection of TV shows from the last seven days, from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – sometimes referred to as “catch-up TV“.
  • Access to streaming services: BBC iPlayer, NOW, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Britbox
  • The BT TV box: A high-spec hard-disk recorder capable of storing up to 600 hours of TV shows
  • A 14 day electronic programme guide, as well as an on-screen guide to allow selection of on-demand content. You can also search for TV shows and films by name or actor.

BT TV Channels

How to get BT TV

If you get your broadband from BT, you can add BT TV for just £12 a month.

Requirements: BT TV requires a BT Broadband connection and a BT Home Hub (available free with Broadband). For the video-on-demand content, you need a line speed of 2Mb or over. To check your line speed, go to


More detailsCheck if you’re able to get BT TV, then sign up online:

Check if you can get BT TV

Need to switch to BT? See BT’s switching guide



BT TV Questions

  • Please see our BT TV FAQ for answers to frequently-asked questions.


More details…


  • andrew

    my friend has bt vision and cannot access BBC2 could you please tell me the numuber required to access BBC2

  • andrew

    m friend has bt vision and cannot access bbc2 which number get bbc2

  • j reader

    I have a BT Vision box but have had to disconnect it because it interferes with ALL channels.
    The picture is pixilated for periods at a time. I have heard a loud clicking from the box attached to the mains supply and believe this to be the cause.
    At times the channels will be classed as unavailable and it tells me to check my connections. The root cause is the Vision box.

    Now that the Vision supply is disconnected the Reception is good.

    Account No GB 0670 2043

  • nath

    Am a nigerian and have been watching bt tv advert on tvc news. Please kindly direct me to your distibutor in nigeria if any. Thanks

  • A. Hale

    I would like to extend my BT vision to a second TV what equipment do I need and what is the cost

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