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Vintage TV launches on Sky and Freesat

Written on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 at 8:42 pm
Filed under FreeSat, Sky Digital.

Vintage TV is now live on Sky and Freesat. The channel, which launched on the 1st of September 2010,  is dedicated to the music, culture and fashions from 1940 to 1989.

Vintage TV Logo

Vintage TV promises an eclectic mix of music, classic and original programming and must-watch shows includes Me and Mrs Jones, a new take on the talk-show format fronted by veteran rock journalist Lesley-Ann Jones.  The channel also offers unique access to some incredible archive footage licensed from the BBC and Getty Images which will be incorporated into 500 brand-new music videos for songs which were recorded prior to the arrival of the video era.

An impressive line-up of famous faces will front the channel, led by legendary broadcaster and music expert Paul Gambaccini.  He is joined by David ‘Kid’ Jensen, YES keyboardist Rick Wakeman and Eighties pop singer Kim Wilde, as well as by Tony Blackburn and David Hamilton. See the Vintage TV website at www.vintage-tv.tv for details on their programming.

David Pick, former EMI executive and founder of Vintage TV said:  “Our content has been created using the latest tapeless technology.  There is consequently a wonderful back-to-the-future quality and feel to our programming which gives it a fresh, contemporary style.  The music we celebrate, from the fifty-year so-called ‘Golden Age’, was never intended to be here-today, gone-tomorrow entertainment.  Such music was crafted by some of the most legendary artists in history, and was made to last.  Their recordings have stood the test of time because people all over the world still want to listen to them.  They also set the impressively high standards for music being created today.  Thanks to Vintage TV, viewers will now be able to enjoy all the visual memories too.”

Vintage TV is available on Sky channel 369 and Freesat channel 515.

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4 Responses to "Vintage TV launches on Sky and Freesat"

  1. Mavis Sergeant Says:

    Read about you in the Saga mag, would like to watch and listen, any special instructions

  2. babelfish Says:

    Really, I got freesat because the free-view box got a rubbish signal and the ‘cable guy’ said I would never ever get a decent signal: because where i live, in in a geographical hollow; and Essex cricket ground’s flood-lights are ‘in the way’ so the only option was free-sat. Having just spent a small fortune on a HD freesat+ box, I’m shocked to the core, just how few channels exist on this platform. to be honest it’s not worth the money. Moreover the channels that are on free-view platform are far more extensive. Why if ‘Gold or whatever ther’re called now’ and ‘Dave’ etc….not to mention many other quality channels some of which the BBC hold a stake in are NOT availble on free-sat? I’m under the impression that freesat boxes in the uk are only able to pick up these channels due to some encription method, thus someone in germany wouldn’t be able to swing there’re dish round to the astra sat’s and pick up these programmes. so why are they not on freesat? even if they were they’d have to watch to adverts! There are only in my opinion about 8 channels on freesat worth wathing. Is it worth spending £240 to watch 8 channels? No, it’s not.

    TO Freesat: pick up the reins and get some decent channels and stop the SKY monopoly on satalite transmmitions. Murdock has made enough money. It’s about time there were some proper competion with sky. That said, they’d probably buy out Freesat like the squarial dish company a decade or so ago. SKY is satins brother, and the more mugs willing to pay subscriptions to watch adverts on SKY are bigger mugs that they think. “yeah, Lets pay twice to watch a million repeats with adverts” Why not just go out and buy the DVD or Bluray Disks, It might work out cheaper!

  3. babelfish Says:

    Oh and one last comment on my above Blast. Most of these channels are availible on the computer anyway. Plus a ton more. Frankly, Give it 5 Years and I doubt you’ll see a satalite dish anywhere. It will all come through the net. And in HD i bet too. How’s Murdock gonna get round that one?

  4. Rupert Murdoch Says:


    You don’t want to pay subscriptions but you want more and better channels. Some of those “better channels are, Gold and Dave.

    Everyone’s a mug, except you.

    You’re clever enough to predict the future of the TV and Internet in the next 5 years, although I suspect you have no expertise in those fields.

    Actually, most people would consider you a greedy, know nothing moron. I laugh at you and your ridiculous rant, well, after I got through all the spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors.

    You sound like a sad and bitter little man, I feel sorry for you,

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