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A small selection of snippets and idents from Essex Radio’s history. More coming soon…

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One this page, you’ll find a small collection of Essex Radio jingles and sound clips helping to document the history of Essex Radio.

We’d like to express our thanks to David Arnold Music and Airforce Music for allowing us permission to use copies of the Essex Radio jingles on this site.

For more information on Essex Radio, see our Essex Radio History page.

We hope this page brings back some of your Greatest Memories…

Category Cut Format / Duration
Jingles Essex Radio 1981 – Harmony ID MP3 – 182k
  Essex Radio 1981 – Man Tran MP3 – 640k
  Essex Radio 1981 – Short Theme MP3 – 294k
  Greatest Memories Latest Hits – Airforce Demo 1 MP3 – 5.4Meg
  Essex Radio Sound-a-like Montage (Cookie mix) MP3 – 2.8Meg
  Dave Gregory, early 80’s MP3 – 0.1meg
  Soul Rap – Essex FM MP3 – 0.1meg
Themes Listen to Essex – Full 1981 theme MP3 – 2.1Meg
  Helping Hands Theme (and Breeze version) MP3 – 500k
  Greatest Memories Latest Hits Launch Theme MP3 – 1meg
  "Lifeline" Piano Filler MP3 – 704k
Day One off-air clips Test TX – Sept 1981 MP3 – 0.6meg
Essex Radio Day One – 12 Sept 1981 MP3 – 3.8meg
21st Birthday off-air clips 2002 Martin Day and Eddie Blackwell MP3 – 1.1meg
Martin Day and Jon Scragg MP3 – 3.5meg
Heart Essex Re-launch – June 2009 Heart Essex Relaunch – 22 June 2009 MP3 – 2.1meg
Promos and Ads Terry Ray Live at The Local Promo Red Lion MP3 – 0.9meg
  Terry Ray Live at The Local PromoTop House MP3 – 0.7meg
  Terry Ray Live at The Local PromoFINAL! MP3 – 0.7meg
  John Leech Promo 1 MP3 – 0.5meg
  John Leech Promo 2 MP3 – 0.2meg
  Dortie / Leech Cross County Soul Party Promo MP3 – 0.7meg
  Dave Gregory Promo MP3 – 1.4meg
  Andy Jackson Promo (Intro, Peter Holmes) MP3 – 1meg
  Motown Megatron Monday Promo MP3 – 1.6meg
  Storm Promo MP3 – 0.7meg
Other clips Peter Holmes Memphis windup MP3 – 931k
  Ana Schofield Tower of Terror Real Audio 286k
  Snowline 1987 compilation MP3 – 1meg
  Timbo Show 1983 extract MP3 – 1meg
  Greatest Memories Launch – April Fool 1987 MP3 – 3.9meg
  Essex Radio montage 1988 (McCoy/Rogers/Leech) MP3 – 1.3meg
  Essex Radio montage 1995 (Gregory/Day/Jackson) MP3 – 2.7meg
  Gavin McCoy First Show 1988 MP3 – 2.4meg
  Andy Jackson Promo (Intro, Peter Holmes) MP3 – 1meg
  Caeser the Boogieman 1st show extract 1992 MP3 – 1.9meg


Special requests:

  • From Tony Matthews: I’m after the star wars montage jingle that Martin Day used to play at the start of his show circa 1999. It used to make my hair stand on end when I was driving home in the mornings after a night shift. I’d be most grateful if you would be able to locate it for me…

If you’re looking for an audio clip, or have any suggestions, please drop me a mail, and I’ll try to help – Pete


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