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This page contains information on the Grundig range of Freeview set-top boxes


Grundig GDT1000
Grundig GDT1000

Extras: Has a timer. Similar in spec to the cheaper GDT1500.
Output: 2 SCARTs and an RF loopthrough (no remodulator)

Not available. Last seen for £92.

Grundig GDT1500
Grundig GDT1500

Extras: Has a timer
Output: 2 SCARTs and an RF loopthrough

Not available. Last seen for £48.

Grundig GDT2000
Grundig GDT2000

Released in April 2003

Output: 2 SCARTs and an RF loopthrough
FAQ: The volume and mute buttons on the remote control only work with Grundig & Thomson TV sets

Not available. Last seen for £90.

Grundig GRP6000
Grundig GRP6000

Released in April 2003, this DVD/Free-to-view combi supports playback of DVD, CD and recordable CD, as well as standard Freeview features.

Extras: Built-in DVD player
Output: 2 SCARTs and an RF loopthrough

Last seen for £49.97 at Dixons

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Your comments:

Make and model: Grundig GDT2000
Features: easy set up, two scart connections (TV and vid), parent lock etc
Comments: Initially impressed… Good reception even though we don’t use an external or roof top aerial. Sometimes get interference but not too bad so far. However, have now experienced the freezes or locking up of the technology that other users have experienced. The remote control goes first, and you are unable to change any channel or even turn the box on/off from standby. You have to use the buttons on the actual receiver box itself, and then they stop working as well and you are unable to do anything. The remote control looks very cheap so we just thought it was that at first. This problem happens about twice a day and mostly when it hasn’t been used for a couple of hours. Very interesting to read other peoples experiences. I can’t believe STBs cost near on £100 when there are still so many technological glitches.
Submitted by: Dawn ()
Received on: Wed May 14 09:38:11 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT1000
Features: 2 scart RF loopthrough
Comments: I bought it for Dad who living in Lee-on-Solent couldn’t get Channel 5 on analogue.

Working well, with RF loopback into VCR can record analogue channels with videoplus,(still not channel 5) record digital from AV. 43 channels very clear since installing loft aerial (from Argus £39-99) As shipped didn’t work well, then downloaded (painfully) software update and tuned itself to the new aerial. Beautiful.

Only problem is need to reload services weekly/fortnightly.

Will get one for myself now.
Submitted by: Teri ()
Received on: Tue Apr 15 00:39:22 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: GRUNDIG GDT 1500T
Features: Quite Good
Comments: I have bought this box about christmas time and hasn’t been much of a problem. The think i want to know is, is there anyway of getting other channels (Apart from the usual 30). Is there anyway of ‘Unlocking’ frequencies to receive more.

“External circuits are also welcome (Need the Scheme though)”

Submitted by: PM5K (
Received on: Mon Apr 14 18:38:19 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT2000
Comments: I have experienced similar ‘lock-out’ problems as others have. I too have swapped out to a new box. However I have been told (by a reliable source) that the lock out is caused while ‘skipping’ through the channels, the machine gets stuck in a loop as it tries to receive each channel as you skip through to the next. This can happen from within the ‘Guide’ but this problem is fixed in software release 2.1. The problem can however still happen by skipping through on the P+/P- buttons. The safest way is to select your new channel from within the ‘Info’ menu, therefore you are moving directly to the new channel selected. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy viewing.
Submitted by: Help (
Received on: Fri Apr 4 13:57:18 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT1500
Features: 2 SCART sockets, RF loop-through
Comments: When I first got it, there was 23 channels on it – but three of them (E4, FilmFour and Television X) were blank, but I could get subtitles on E4, despite the picture being blank.

I received several downloads over time, too, including one that arrived after installation (that one must have blanked the channels listed above).

At first, the colour was too bright and couldn’t be altered – even with the colour on my TV set to B/W everybody looked like Native Americans – but a later software download fixed that by adding RGB and PAL (it was set to RGB originally, but plugging it into the other SCART socket on my TV resolved the problem, but it meant alternating between digibox and DVD player).

When Freeview launched properly, I had to keep re-scanning channels. I still have to keep doing this as new ones are added without warning ( being a case in point).
Submitted by: Arthur Vasey (
Received on: Thu Mar 13 15:28:09 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT1500
Features: 2 SCARTS, RF loop through
Comments: Had the box for 2 months now, only problem is it needs resetting once a week or so, but otherwise no complaints! Styling of the box is appealingly different.
Submitted by: Rich (
Received on: Wed Mar 5 14:01:59 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT1500
Features: 2 scart, rf loop through
Comments: The Panasonic from Comet lasted 3 hours before it fried itself. Got a GDT1500 from Dixons. Worked fine for 10 days, then total lack of life. Replacement worked for 2 weeks before the timer function went bananas (switching channels during a timer event, missing out days of Daily timer events, recording random channels, etc). 3rd box now in use: had to re-tune from scratch when it “forgot” which channels is had it in its Service List. Very slow to change channels. Audio output low.
Is there ANY box out there which does not have software glitches AND has a decent specification? And why do they all run so hot?
Submitted by: J Robertson (
Received on: Sun Feb 16 17:42:50 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT1500
Comments: From Currys 14 feb 2003. Auto setup worked a treat. Very good picture quality. When increasing TV volume, the volume goes down or up randomly. Recording to VCR is poor,intermittent B/W, lines and distortion.
The menus for selecting favourites etc. just scroll continuously. Impossible to use. Very unusual general activity, changes channels,switches off,remote sometimes good,sometimes bad. Bit of a let down really.
I would like to hear of any similar problems or cures.

Submitted by: John Heath (
Received on: Sun Feb 16 07:20:10 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT1500
Comments: I stupidly bought this having been told all the boxes were the same – and also not being able to get my hands on any other one. I was easy to set-up and worked within a few minutes – without having to read the instructions, but it wound me up an how bad it worked day-to-day. The remote had to pointed directly at the box or it wouldn’t register and the time to change channels took between 3 to 4 seconds. I then descided to refresh all the channels and the whole thing froze up and didn’t work again.

I have now taken it back, got my money back and am looking to the Nokia 211T!
Submitted by: Dave (
Received on: Fri Jan 10 18:14:45 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT1000
Features: text, two scart, sockets
Comments: I got this box from Littlewoods Catalogue, I was expecting a Goodmans, but this box arrived instead. Changing channels is quick, The quality of the picture is ok, no crashes so far and it comes with the latest software. Two scart sockets is nice, Teletext is nice and fas. Very good box, and change the mode of my T.v from 4:3 to widescreen when it is needed. I highly recomend this box to anyone, better than the Pace DTVA as you can record from it as well.
One bad thing is that the remote loos a little cheap and tacky.

Submitted by: adrian (
Received on: Mon Dec 23 02:15:05 2002 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GTD-1000
Features: Standard
Comments: Bought after the BBC retune, and found it needed a s/w upgrade but it would’t be available for at least 2 weeks, therefore couldn’t use it for BBC channels at all and had to take it back. Also doesn’t have volume control like some of the others do.The stations it did receive were poor quality/breaking up.
Submitted by: Pete Spreadbury (
Received on: Sat Nov 9 22:39:42 2002 from IP address:

Make and model: Grundig GDT-1000/1500
Features: Standard features
Comments: Grate box, no crashes in the time we have had it (purchased in September), includes good and speady interactive services (though I still prefer analog teletext), also includes EPG with one touch button and a neat chanel sellector which allows you to see the chanel while you are sellecting. Also frequent software updates. Highly recomended.
Submitted by: Andrew Hodgson (
Received on: Sat Nov 9 14:50:27 2002 from IP address:

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