LCD Freeview 8-inch Mini-TV from Maplin

Freeview LCD DVB-T

Launched in January 2006, the LCD Freeview mini-TV is an 8 inch digital TV receiver that can receive the free-to-view 50 digital TV and radio channels.

This page takes a look at what the mini-TV has to offer:



  • Small, super high definition 8 inch TFT screen
  • Digital and analogue tuners, so you can receive Freeview channels as well as analogue
  • Autoscanning for easy TV channel setup
  • With remote control
  • Supports Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
  • Video / S-Video inputs allows connection to camcorder , VCR/DVD or security camera
  • VGA input converts the TV into a computer monitor
  • Two internal speakers, with audio output to connect to external speakers
  • Can be mounted directly onto a wall
  • Can be powered by a 12V power supply (car battery, cigar lighter, caravan, etc)
  • Supplied with: Remote control, Earphone, AC Adaptor, Car Adaptor, Digital TV Antenna, base support


  • Freeview LCD DVB-TScreen: 8″ TFT LCD
  • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Dimensions: 215 x 210 x 40mm (without stand)
  • Power: 12V (3A @ 12Vdc , 18W)
  • Aerial: Telescopic – also has external aerial socket
  • Audio: 0.2W Max output, 2 x 5cm round loudspeakers
  • Connectors: External antenna input jack, earphone jack, audio/video (AV) input jack, external power supply input jack, RF out

No longer available.

May we humbly recommend the Nikkai 7″ LCD Freeview / Analogue TV, also from Maplin

Other similar products:

  • 8.4″ Widescreen DVB-T Freeview LCD available from Maplin for £149.99 – Cat: A06GL
  • There’s also a 10″ DVB-T Freeview LCD available from Maplins for £249.99 – Cat: A25FN

Below are the comments we’ve received on this product:

  • “Great little tv with masses of features including the Freeview which is unusual for 8 inch, also v neat and looks smart. However, two very irritating features – 1. Cannot seem to get rid of the subtitles across the centre of the screen which is especially annoying on an 8 inch and 2. The sound is really hard and tinny and very hard to listen to.” (Fiona Langton – 20 Feb 2006)
  • “The screen is excellent when viewing digi and when i loop it through to my lcd tv it provides a superior picture then the normal analogue aerial can offer. The set comes with a magnetic digi aerial (presumably for the caravanners) so i have updated it with a powered version from Argos 534/2275 Thomson Indoor Amplified Antenna.
    Overall it is a multi-faceted tv which i think my daughter has her eye on.” (Dave Brown – 24 Feb 2006)
  • This product is badged “Nikkai” and has a native screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. In analogue mode, the picture definition is superb; the best LCD definition I’ve seen, either in a portable or large format LCD screen. In digital mode, the picture quality is good but not as good as analogue. Colours can look washed out, and tonal gradation is not as good as seen in analogue (in people’s faces for example). In digital mode there is a faint, but noticeable, background noise in the loudspeakers, which sounds a little like the electric motors on a train and is not present in analogue mode.Teletext, either analogue or digital, does not appear to work in the UK. The electronic programme guide is good. There is no “red” button on this set, so “interactive” services cannot be viewed. There is no facility for pay TV services using the “code” and “key” method. There is also an AV input and AV output, and the TV will also work as a computer monitor at 640 x 480 resolution. The accessories include a mag mount type whip antenna with several metres of coaxial cable. RF Sensitivity of the set is a little low; the internal telescopic antenna gives rather poor quality digital pictures, whilst the mag mount antenna gives slightly better results.
    Best results were seen with a loft mounted Yagi-type beam aerial. Overall, I’m impressed with this TV, especially in analogue TV mode. (Voi Pio 29 March 2006)
  • Maplins Nikkai 10 inch Digital/analogue TV. Bought one yesterday and took it back today. I could not check it out in store as they said they had no TV signal so I bought it on a trial or return basis.
    It does not do what it says on the box. The receiver sensitivity in analogue is extremely poor and it will only work with a good antenna. It would not work in place of any of the conventional analogue portable TV’s I have and it will be useless in a caravan or similar situation unless in close proximity to a transmitter. Teletext does not work. Sound is top heavy with no means of adjustment.
    Digital operation was better and this worked when the set was positioned in some of my existing portable set positions with internal antenna (27% sig strength) Digital teletext did not work.
    Despite digital transmissions being 16:9 the set wakes up in digital mode with a 4:3 aspect ratio. To change this to 16:9 involves accessing two menus via a very fiddly remote. The set does not memorise the selection of 16:9 so every time you change to analogue or switch off/on you have to reset the correct aspect ratio. Digital Radio stations were received OK. Sound quality is poor mainly due to the very small speakers and inability to tweak bass or treble. The handbook is dreadful and anyone not familiar with PAL standards will have difficulty with analogue tuning. I’m 15 miles and line of sight from a main transmitter. In my opinion, not worth the money. (Ian McDonald)

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  • roger bayliss

    I have the 8in TV mini shown on this page I have had it for years and it has never let me down, but now I am having problems with the A.C Adapter overheating, where can I get a replacement please, this is a nice size TV so why change a good thing as they say is it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

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