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This page contains information on the Nokia Mediamaster range of Freeview set-top boxes


Nokia Mediamaster 221T
Nokia Mediamaster 221T


  • Digital text and interactive services
  • Games: Snake, Tic-Tac-Toe and Card Deck
  • Easy navigation with Nokia Navi Bars
  • Up to eight personal favourite lists
  • Parental Lock
  • 8 event timer
  • Widescreen and Digital audio output

Dimensions: 250 x 280 x 80mm

Output: 2 SCARTs (lead included), RF loopthrough (modulator), 2 x phono, S/PDIF digital audio, serial port

Not available. Last seen for £90.

Also available from

Nokia Mediamaster
Nokia Mediamaster 121T

Description: The Nokia Mediamaster 121T is a stylish, compact digital TV adaptor offering the full benefits of Freeview such as interactive TV and digital text.The highly acclaimed Nokia Navi Bars makes browsing extremely easy and can direct you to your favourite programmes. Parental lock gives you control over what is being watched and the 121T will give digital TV to those sets without SCART. A freeze button makes checking the sports and lottery results much easier. Also with wide screen switching and subtitle buttons. Dimensions: 167 x 165 x 40 mm

Output: 1 SCART and an RF loopthrough (with RF modulator)
Not available. Last seen for £50.

Nokia Mediamaster
Nokia Mediamaster DVB9850T

Extras: Digital audio out, and channel indicator. Has a card slot that is suitable for subscription services
Output: 2 SCARTs and an RF loopthrough

Instruction guide for the 9850 can be downloaded from Nokia’s site

Warning: Will not work after Switchover

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Your comments:

Make and model: Nokia MediaMaster 9850T (onDigital)
Comments: Superb box with which I’ve had little problems. Never crashes (as some have reported), and the software seems to work fine. It is a little sluggish to respond to button presses from the remote, and the buttons on the box itself seem not to work!?

Also it doesn’t work with Teletext or NTL Text, but seems to work fine with BBCi Text. With Teletext and NTL Text the images are missing and it often stops responding requiring a channel change to ‘unstick’ it.

But apart from that its a good little runner :)
Submitted by: Mike (
Received on: Mon Apr 7 04:46:24 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Nokia (refurb) Mediamaster
Features: 52 channels (at last count)
Comments: Great stuff …….. simple and no problems .. from an inhouse loft ‘digital’ aerial ……… even though it says it will not work with my post code ….. so have a go and try it …. im BT38 7QR JB
Submitted by: John Burgess (
Received on: Thu Mar 6 14:21:24 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Nokia 221T
Features: 2 Scarts, RF modulator, analogue & digital audio output
Comments: Cost £139.99 at Currys – replacement for Grundig GDT2000 (see below). Performance was very good through Scart and RF modulator. Picture quality through VCR also very good. Nokia’s interface worked well although I had a couple of lock-ups in 2 days. BUT, switching off and then on again after it had been on for a while, the box would refuse to come out off standby until left for an hour or so. The Nokia was returned to Currys for a refund. Is there a fully featured AND reliable box available?
Submitted by: SJP ()
Received on: Wed Mar 5 21:43:52 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Nokia 221T
Features: Digital TV Radio
Comments: With respect to previous comment by Rushy(7/01/03)
I have same problems with lockup and sensitivity to any power switching in the house, even connected via RFI screened anti surge socket, my central heating boiler causes pixels to freeze with high pitch glitch sound.Don’t know if a ‘choke’of some kind would help.
Lockup I think is due to units’ ultra sensitivity to heat. ( It does mention susceptibility in the instructions)Having had mine on the video top I moved it to a cooler place and lockup ceased. Now have it back on video on a spaced off shelf (airflow) between the two and no lockup – yet.
Apart from the above I get very good reception – weather permitting, even from an indoor aerial, admittedly with signal booster which we have to use anyway. I have connected to stereo system and sound is good though volume levels between digital and terrestrial are different, the latter being considerably louder
Submitted by: malcolm belbin (
Received on: Tue Jan 7 22:29:08 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Nokia 221T
Features: 2 SCART auto tune etc.
Comments: Worked well straight out the box, but has locked up a few times, requiring reboot by removing power. Also it’s very prone to interference from the mains source. i.e sometimes switching on a light will pixelate the pic. and pop the sound. This happens in other houses, so it’s not my wiring or signal strength. Nokia suspect a problem with my unit, and told me to return it under warranty. Will do, soon as I locate another unit!! Paul
Submitted by: Rushy (
Received on: Tue Jan 7 15:55:33 2003 from IP address:

Make and model: Nokia 221T
Features: All channels and interactive features
Comments: I bought this latest model box as an Xmas present for my aged parents. It set itself up in minutes and appears to have all the channels and interactive features you’d expect, and a few more, including BBC Parliament with pictures, lots of BBCi info, etc. (Far more facilities than on my year-old £1000 integrated DTV!) The remote has a handy letterbox/4:3 setting and its own volume control – so no juggling with TV handset. Panic in losing ability to record and play from VHS was solved by discovering Scart ‘override’ button. No phone calls yet, so I guess it’s either working perfectly or in the bin!
Submitted by: P Evans (
Received on: Sun Dec 29 23:56:18 2002 from IP address:

Make and model: Nokia MediaMaster
Features: (Original On-Digital Box)
Comments: The box is one of the first ondigital supplied boxes. Despite software updates the box freezes at least twice a week requiring reset. Also occasionally the picture is lost and audio continues to function, again requiring a reset. Remote control is unreliable and occasionally requires repeated pressing of a button until the box decides to do something. Bought another remote some time ago and it was a total waste of space as problem most likely resided with the IR sensor in the box. Had a letter today from ondigital liquidators requesting 39.99 UKP for a 2-3 year old, outdated technology box, offering no guarantee just requesting me to be even more of a mug and pay 9.99UKP extra for a seemingly worthless insurance deal. Verdict – Ondigital liquidators can send their courier to collect it as its a worthless piece of outdated junk……..If there is any money left to pay off their creditors after assessing the box and paying someone to collect it then i shall be amazed. I’m off to buy a new free-to-view box, with modern technology and 12 month guarantee.
Submitted by: Paul Merison (
Received on: Thu Dec 19 13:31:10 2002 from IP address:

Make and model: Nokia Mediamaster 9850T (original ondigital box)
Features: Digital & Analogue audio output, 2 SCART sockets
Comments: Very good at television reception although does crash occasionally whilst using ntl: text. Great sound on analogue phono output.

Shame that the s/w will never be updated as it’s a good box :-(
Submitted by: Anonymous ()
Received on: Tue Dec 17 13:38:08 2002 from IP address:

Make and model: Goodmans GDB1
Features: Timer
Comments: Bought from Tesco for £99.99 with free delivery. Arrived within 4 days. Worked excellently for 1 hour then stopped responding to the remote. The reset button on the back had no effect. Tesco (now sold out) arranged free collection and refund, but no sign of any replacements.
Submitted by: Ian (
Received on: Sun Dec 15 18:54:43 2002 from IP address:

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