Satellite Dish LNB Explained

What is an LNB? What does an LNB do? What sort do I need? We explain the basics of an LNB.


What is an LNB?

LNB stands for “Low Noise Block downconverter”, and is the box that sits on a pole pointing to the middle of a satellite dish. The LNB pulls in the satellite signal that’s reflected from the dish and sends it to a set-top box

Satellite Dish with LNB

Types of LNB

There are many different types of LNB out there – depending on the type of satellite dish and the satellite service you’re looking to get. On this page, we limit our discussion of LNBs to those that are used to get services in the UK from Sky Digital or Freesat.

Assuming we’re talking about Sky or Freesat, then the common types are single, dual, quad or octo Universal LNBs.

The difference here is the number of outputs that the LNB has. For instance, if you have two satellite TV boxes in your house, you need two feeds from the LNB – one for each box.


LNB Outputs

As we said above, each satellite receiver needs its own feed from an LNB. This picture shows a Quad LNB – an LNB with four outputs:

Quad LNB - with four outputs
Quad LNB – with four outputs

Twin Tuner boxes? Some satellite receivers, such as Sky+, Sky+HD and the Foxsat Freesat receiver, have two tuners – these let you record one satellite channel while watching a different satellite channel. This means that they need two feeds from the LNB, not one.

Sky+ HD Box
Sky+ boxes need two LNB connections

Before picking an LNB, you need to work out how many boxes you want to feed. The most you can feed is 8, using an Octo LNB. An Octo LNB will feed 4 twin-tuner boxes or 8 standard satellite boxes (or any combination).


My box has two sockets, but I only have one feed!

If you have a standard satellite receiver and want to switch to something like Sky+ or Sky+HD, you will find that your new box has two satellite sockets, but you may only have one lead coming from your dish.

To make full use of a box that has two tuners (e.g. record one channel while watching another), you need an LNB with two or more outputs, and two feeds from the LNB. If you’re ordering Sky+ or Sky+HD from Sky, they will replace your LNB if needed and run the second feed cable for you. Nothing for you to worry about. To order Sky+, or Sky+HD, go to

Q. Can I use Sky+ with only one feed? Yes, but you’ll not be able to use the full service. You won’t be able to record one channel while watching another, and some programmes that you set to record will fail if they record using the second dish feed


Can I split one satellite feed into two feeds?

This is a fairly common question. What should you do if you only have one feed from the dish, and two sockets on a box? Sadly, you can’t split a single feed from an LNB to let it feed two tuners at the same time.

Why? Satellite receivers send voltage and signals to the LNB to get the LNB to change frequency and ‘polarisation’ (some channels are Vertical and some are Horizontal). If you have two receivers both trying to switch a single LNB, one box will win, and one will lose.

You can get an LNB switch box that will let you switch your single feed to either of two receivers – just not to feed both at the same time. These are no substitute for having two dedicated feeds from the LNB though.
Satellite Splitter from Maplin

Satellite Switch Box from Maplin



Need an LNB, cables or connectors?

We recommend


LNB Problems?

Sometimes, but rarely, LNBs develop a fault. Typically, this may mean that you can’t get any channels, or you can only get channels from one polarity (Horizontal-only, or Vertical-only).

If you’re with Sky and can’t get your channels, call them for advice – they may need to come out and replace your LNB. Otherwise you can replace an LNB yourself. You can buy LNBs suitable for Sky and Freesat from



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  • r johnston

    living in Majorca spain have freeview but lost a lot of channels
    can you recommend a imb to regain lost channels yours sincerely r johnston

  • gerard

    Ok, Building on the above information.. I have a question…
    I had two sky boxes set up with each of them having the ability to record.. There are 4 lnb connections on the dish.
    These were set up as dual feeds (ie 2 LNB connections used per box for recording on another channel while watching a different channel)..
    My question is could I use the current LNB connections on the dish to power 4 “single feed” receivers (i.e: freeview boxes)
    instead of two dual feed sky plus boxes?..
    Note: Ive tried using one of these cables (that was used for recording on another channel) and I get a message saying “Signal Overload” on the freesat receiver, Think this cable is also connected to phone line, maybe I should disconnect the phone line and try again?…

  • Isabel

    Hi. In our new house we have a sat dish and aerial on roof. We currently use freeview but it’s useless. So I thought we could get a freesat box . We have 2 leads coming from dish but I bought a freesat box which only had room for 1 of these. Couldnt get any channels and I tried both leads. Do I need a box that accepts 2? I take it that means a freesat + hd box? Or should it still work with only one of these leads connected and there’s a different problem with dish?
    Any help appreciated

    • Deepika Dharmaratne

      Same situation, please advise me

    • John

      Make sure the settings are correct in the menu of the new box. Lo frequency # should match that of the number on the lnb. it might be 10750 or 11300 or similar. The 2 cables from dish should have signal as you had free view working previously.

  • hassan

    I have 2 different receiver at 2 different rooms connected on one dish with double outcome lnb and 2 different wires, when i remove the tv wire from the socket in the bed room i had no signal in the other tv in the hall so what is the problem and why its connected together

  • Do you need a special lnb for a portable camping or caravan satellite dish. If so what type do you need.

  • Rumena

    I have got the old sky box to connect to a new tv but dont have any cables with the sky box. Could someone please tell me what cables I need to connect it to my tv. And regarding the dish there is only one dish line I could me in my house. Do i need anymore line from the dish for the sky box to work.


  • samir sheikh

    Hello sir..

    I want to use Asiasat 7 @ 105.5° East in my home .. please explain me the procedures to install this satellite in my home. .
    Im from west bengal india.

  • chris

    no as long as the dish does not move it will work fine if its moving it will not work

  • Gina Mohr

    Do satellite dishes fail or need to be replaced for another reason?


  • peter

    I am in northern Italy and need to set lnb to minus 10/12 what does each segment of the lnb represent I have maxview 85cm modelmxl017/65&85

  • Thank you for this explanation

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  • Mickey

    You are having a laugh aren’t you?
    This is a discussion about sat TVs not religion ffs!

  • rot

    Hello, I have a problem.

    I have a DualFeed-quadLNB-block installed and used it with free-to-air receivers just fine, setting HotBird(13.0) with DiseqC B and Astra(19.2) with DiseqC A (this can not be changed, seems).

    Now, I subscribed to Sky (Italy) and they sent me their receiver, but seems like it wants HB(13.0) on Diseqc A and the 2nd feed on DiseqC B. There is no setting to change this in the decoder, so it’s not working.

    Now, my question…could I “open” the LNB and change the DiseqC cabling so that HB will use DiseqC A and Astra DiseqC B?
    Or should I simply buy another LNB, considering it’s like 15euros?
    I could find other “little boxes” that claim to do this, but seems like a new LNB is still the cheapest choice (unless I can modify the one I already own myself).

    Thank you for your time.

  • Ahmed

    Hi there how are you guys,my name is Ahmed from Oman,can I ask you same of questions?I am trying to get signal for the satellite Intelsat 906 position 16.0E beam EIRP:se zone frequency12577 H system dvb-s mpeg-2 SR-FEC:40700 3/4,this satellite focus in Eat Africa and me I am in middle east (Oman), so which LNB,OR RESEVER, I can use

  • Ahmed

    Hi there how are you guys,my name is Ahmed from Oman,can I ask you same of questions?I am trying to get signal for the satellite Intelsat 906 position 16.0E beam EIRP:se zone frequency12577 H system dvb-s mpeg-2 SR-FEC:40700 3/4,this satellite focus in Eat Africa and me I am in middle east (Oman), so which LNB,OR RESEVER, I can use end how size of sattelate dish?thank

  • Jill Butler


    I wonder if you can help me. I have a satellite dish installed (Spain). I had a dual lnb as I was running two set top freestat boxes.

    When my installer tried to run a 4 lnb as I wanted to add another set top box in another room and a further cable to my Humax box in order to be able to record and watch programmes at the same time. He could not lock the signal in using the 4 lnb. As soon as he replaced the 2 lnb it worked fine. He actually moved the dish in order to try to get a better signal also. Picture on certain channels were pixelling with the 4 lnb, but perfect with the 2 lnb. ]

    Any information to correct this would be most welcome. Thank you.

  • Angus


    Living in Germany and finally moved to a place where I can have my own dish. I have a LNB for German TV and on for UK which I have a freesat box connected to. Have just subscribed to Sky Germany and new receiver arrived with double LNB inputs. Can I use the German feed in one input and the UK feed in the other? I can then free up my freesat box for another TV.

    Many thanks,

  • Ghulam Qasim

    Thank u You opened up my mind so simple with complete sense

  • I+recently+moved+house+and+had+to+have+a+new+aerial+fitted+but+was+having+trouble+with+the+picture+always+breaking+up+so+I+had+sky+installed+in+the+living+room++it’s+a+Q+box,+but+the+TV+in+my+bedroom+didnt+work,+I+didn’t+want+to+pay+an+extra+£10+a+month+so+I+had+another+satellite+dish+installed+and+an+open+box+connected+to+my+tv,+but+I+still+can’t+get+a+picture,+l+used+the+existing+aerial+cable+and+I’ve+been+told+that+I+need+a+different+cable+to+run+from+the+box+to+the+satellite+dish,+l+was+wondering+what+sort+of+cable+it+was+that+l+needed

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