Freeview retune after rabbit hops off

Yet another Freeview channel shuffle has taken place today, but this one’s unlikely to be a bother to anyone…

Two text channels have moved from the PSB2 to the COM4 multiplex, meaning that if you’re a dedicated follower of either of these channels, you’ll need to do a rescan:

  • Channel 202 – Rabbit
  • Channel 203 – Gay Rabbit

IN case you’re not familair with either of these channels, they let you chat and flirt by SMS text message at a cost of 60p plus network operator rate per text, and the results look something like this…

Rabbit on Freeview

Screenshot of the TV text service Rabbit

We’ve yet to hear from anyone who watches (or texts) these channels, but for the silent minority out there frantically hunting for their rabbit today, you’ll need to rescan your Freeview box or TV set to re-instate these vital Freeview channels.

Into Rabbit? Do let us know via the comments box below, and let us know you’ve found the channel’s new warren?…


  • Several retuning times have been forced on us and each time we risk losing channels if we retune at times when the signal strength or picture quality percentages are too low. We can check the TV Statistics perhaps through some MENU leading to HELP, then Diagnostics or a similar setup. I have 5 Freeview number groups for Waltham TV: 29, 54, 56, 57 and 61. Those with HD boxes also tune in HD on 58. checks postcodes for local transmitters and their Freeview groups, etc. helps provide transmitter details for extra tricks and tips such as aerial types, as all-frequencies wideband aerials get weaker reception for the lower numbers in the 21 to 69 range. As these are the first in an autoscan, they sometimes add weaker or duplicate channels eg in the 800+ range. So I prefer the manual scans instead. The RT Forum advice was to tune in 61, then 54, then 29, then 56, then 57. So it isn’t always like the manual suggests. Freeview retuning advice may say to tune to channel 80 before retuning. We learnt this from retuning info here: yet some retuning affects set top boxes and their TV Signal statistics even upto a few days later. After retuning again, I switch off the box to let it start afresh a few minutes later, hoping it shows the usual percentages between 80% and 90% picture quality I usually get. Winter atmospheric problems affect our attempts to retune. I upgraded to the WF100 cables and found improved percentages, so I removed the signal boosters and have had the same good reception since. It’s even more important for Freeview+ timeshift and recordings and even more important if using HD set top boxes. So visit the RT Forum to learn about variable signal boosters and attenuators for increasing or decreasing the percentages. Get feedback on aerials and set top boxes, too. and visit the RT website sitemap for extra tricks and tips re missing channels etc.

  • Jordan

    Was disappointed there were no gay rabbits

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