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Some recommended reading for those looking to learn more about the UK radio industry

Radio Books

Here’s our list of books about radio, including some handy books for those looking to get a job in radio

Essential Radio Skills: How to Present and Produce a Radio Show

This is a great book, and one that’s gone to the top of our list of recommended reading. It’s written by Peter Stewart, who’s been working the radio industry for a number of years (one of our team had the opportunity to work with Peter when he was Head of News for Essex Radio … he didn’t give us a plug though!). Lots of detail about radio in the UK and what goes on behind the mic, and essential reading for anyone looking to further their career in the industry.

Take a look at the reviews of this book on to see how these 460 pages are valued by those new to the industry – then get yourself a copy. Look for the second edition with the blue/green cover.


Essential Radio Skills

ISBN: 978-1-4081-2179-5

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The Radio Handbook

A detailed look at all aspects of the UK radio scene, including digital radio (DAB) and Internet broadcasting. The book includes a good selection of interviews with people working in today’s radio industry (useful for those looking to work in radio), plus a host of information on the tools of the trade, the types and styles of programmes, broadcasting techniques and a fair amount on news broadcasting. Highly recommended as the best book for an up-to-date look at the UK radio industry, and a very comprehensive publication.

Author: Carole Fleming

ISBN: 0415445086

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Radio Production

If radio production is your thing, or you’re studying media, this is a handy book. At well over 300 pages, this is a comprehensive book covering
digital audio production techniques, computer editing, studio playout systems, use of music and SFX for radio production, music scheduling and a good range of related topics.

At the time of writing, this book is in its 5th edition, and comes with a handy CD ROM with some handy resources.

Author: Robert McLeish

Radio Production

ISBN: 9780240519722

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Insider Guide to Careers in Broadcasting and the Media

Now a little dated, but still handy and quite cheap. This book provides a useful insight into working in UK TV, radio, print and electronic media. It contains a summary of the jobs available (and salaries), a series of case studies, information on how to find vacancies, approach companies, complete a good CV, how to succeed at interview, and how to progress your career.

As a general introduction, this publication is very useful, and recommended for those looking for a career in the media. Authors: Paul Redstone and Karen Holmes

Insider career guide

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An Introductory History of British Broadcasting

A concise and accessible history of British radio and television. It begins with the birth of radio at the beginning of the 20th century and discusses key moments in media history.

Author: Andrew Crisell

History of British broadcasting Book

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Local Radio Journalism

Information and advice on setting up a news operation for local radio, including the studio equipment to use and provides advice on keeping on the right side of the law.

Authors: Paul Chantler and Sim Harris

Local Radio Journalism

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Presenting on TV and Radio: An Insider’s Guide

We’ve not reviewed this book, but the write-up indicates that this could be a useful book for those looking to become a radio or TV presenter. It contains information, guidance, practical exercises and some insider tips for improving your presentation skills and breaking into this competitive industry. It includes information on body language, diction, scriptwriting, deadlines and broadcast technology.

This certainly looks like it could be a useful publication for those looking to make it on screen or radio.

272 pages, published in 2004. Author: Janet Trewin

Presenting on TV & Radio

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Managing Radio (Caroline Mitchell)

Comprehensive practical guide on how to run a radio station, with information on DAB, online, web and independent production opportunities.

Author: Caroline Mitchell, Brian Lister, Tony O’Shea.

ISBN: 1445223120

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The RSL, Ultra Local Radio

The history of the Restricted Service radio licence, plus help and advice for those running a small station. Author: Janey Gordon

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