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I get my TV via cable. Will I be affected by the switchover?

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If you have Virgin Media for your digital TV, and all of your TV sets and recorders are connected to the Virgin Media box, then you're all set.

If cable TV is the only service you use to watch and record TV, then you shouldn't be affected by the digital switchover

So, what does the Digital Switchover affect?

For the last few decades, most people in the UK have got their TV using a TV aerial (normally on the roof) that was pointing at an analogue TV transmitter - The analogue system only broadcast the five channels, BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. This service is what we know as "analogue TV", and this is what's being switched off.


Overview: Analogue TV, the service that's being switched off

Switchover Diagram


If any of the TV receiving equipment in your house, such as TV sets or video / DVD recorders, gets TV from a TV aerial (typically on the roof), you need to check to see if the equipment supports "digital TV". If it supports "Freeview", then it's ready for digital. If not, then it may be analogue, and therefore affected by the switchover.

"I get analogue TV from a cable TV provider... Will I be affected"

As we've said above, the switchover means that services will be turned off at TV transmitter sites, and will affect those who get their TV signals from a rooftop, loft or portable TV aerial.

If you get your TV signals from a cable TV company, and not via a TV aerial, then you should be fine.


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