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Virgin Media Explained

Virgin Media LogoIn the UK, Virgin Media is the cable TV provider. Virgin Media acquired the cable TV services formerly offered by NTL and Telewest.

Cable TV is only available in some areas of the UK, mostly areas of high population. Cable companies dug up many streets in the 80's and 90's and connected cables to people's houses. If you have Virgin cable in your area, then you may be able to get your telly from them.

Virgin Media offer a fully digital TV service. They don't offer as many channels as Sky, but when you combine TV, home phone and broadband internet into one package, it's quite a cost-effective way to get phone, Internet and Digital TV.


How do I get Virgin TV?

You have to be in a Virgin Cable area - Find out more, and check if you're in a cable TV area at

Does Virgin Offer HD?

Yes - Virgin now offers over 15 HD TV channels, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Discovery, Sky 1, Eurosport and SyFy. More on Virgin HD



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