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Digital TV Switchover: Signal Strength Questions

My Freeview signal is poor. Help!

First of all, check whether Freeview is available in your area. Enter your postcode into the Freeview Postcode Checker. This will tell you if you're meant to get Freeview where you are.


Freeview not in your area?

At the start of 2008, only 75% of people were able to get Freeview. This is because some transmitters have not been upgraded to digital, and some are not transmitting Freeview at full power. To prevent interference with analogue TV, the digital signals are not running at full power. As you're closer to the switchover being completed in 2012, the situation has improved for many people.

As your TV region gets closer to the switchover, Freeview signal will improve. Power will be increased, and more digital transmitters will be added to the network as we get closer to switchover.


Freeview's in your area, but problems with your signal?

If you're not able to get some or all of the Freeview channels, but the postcode checker says that you should, it could be that there's a problem with your aerial, or your internal aerial wiring. If you're looking for help on improving your Freeview reception, take a listen to show 14 of our free online radio show, where we go through the options for getting a better signal. Also, see the tips on improving reception.

Some transmitters are not running their digital TV transmissions at full power yet (so they don't disrupt analogue). As we get closer to the switchover, the digital TV transmitter power will be increased.


Alternatives to Freeview?

If you want digital TV, but you can't get Freeview, here are your options:

  • Wait until Freeview becomes available in your area
  • Consider satellite TV - Either Sky (on subscription) or Freesat (no subscription)
  • Consider cable TV, if you're in a cable area

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