Humax PVR8000T Information

Details on the Humax PVR8000-T Freeview recorder, including answers to common questions.


The Humax PVR-8000T was the first hard-disk PVR made by Humax for use with Freeview.

Humax PVR-8000T

The PVR8000T has a 40 Gig hard drive (later upgraded to 80 Gig). Like all PVRs, it records programmes in digital quality without videotapes, comes with an electronic programme guide and supports live pause, timeshift and slow motion.


Humax PVR8000T Outputs:

  • 2 x SCART,
  • RF modulator,
  • SPDIF, stereo phono


Humax PVR-8000T availability:


The Humax PVR8000T is no longer available.

Looking for an alternative? We’d recommend the Humax PVR9300T Freeview PVR



PVR8000 Common Questions:

The following list of common questions relating to the PVR-8000T has been contributed by users of our Humax forum:

How do I contact Humax support? Email or call 0870 247 8800
I don’t know the password The default password is ‘0000’…
Is the 8000-T full 7/8 Day EPG compatible? Yes, EPG is supported with software release 1.00.11.
The front of my 8000-T looks really dusty There is a thin film stuck to the front. Peel it off.
The pictures and sound on my 8000-T keep skipping, how do I stop this? Humax suggest to ‘Restore to Factory Pre-Sets’ (in the Installation menu) this will also delete and re-scan all channels. Not sure if this fixes the problem.
Can I record one channel and watch another? No, the 8000T has only one tuner.
Can I record from an external source, eg my camcorder? No, the 8000T does not have the ability to record from any other source than the internal tuner.
Can I change the recording quality? The 8000T ‘simply’ saves the incoming digital bit-stream on to the hard-disk, it has no MPEG (re) encoding ability which would be required to re-compress the incoming bit-stream.
My TV’s colour controls are no longer working, what is happening? This can happen with some TV’s and is very dependent on the particular model of TV you are using.
Can I watch a pre-recorded program whilst recording another? No, although many think this should be possible via a future software upgrade, Humax have said that the hardware is not capable of doing so.
Can I watch a program I am recording from the beginning if it is part way through? Yes, press the play button to get the transport controls up and then select the icon with the two arrows. This will place a little marker on the time line which you can drag to the beginning of the recording, then press Ok. The 8000T will continue to record your program whilst you watch. A minor bug causes the playback to stop when the recording stops… but you can start the playback again from where you got up to.
My machine does not enter Stand-By after a timer recording, why? The 8000T will not enter Stand-By if it was switched on when the recording started. It will only enter Stand-By if it was in this state prior to the recording taking place AND if no playback buttons were pressed whilst it was recording.
I switched my 8000T on today and it has ‘lost’ the hard-disk and the ability to record. Instead of the record menu there is one saying ‘Games’! What’s happened?! This is a rare fault which seems to effect all 8000T’s at one point. Don’t worry. Put the 8000T in to Stand-By, flick the switch at the upper rear left and wait 30 seconds. Flick the switch again and switch the 8000T back on. You should now have PVR functions back. Note that you will lose any reservations you have set, but all of your previous recordings will still be intact.
I was watching a recording and the picture / sound was out of synch, how do I fix this? This occasionally happens, just stop the playback and resume, this should cure it.
I recorded a program, but when I try to play it back there is just a black screen. None of the transport controls work, either on the remote control or the screen. How can I watch this program? This is a rare fault, and can be remedied by playing another recording, press stop and then you should be able to play the recording that wouldn’t work. If this doesn’t work, another user has reported switching the machine off via the switch on the upper rear left.
When I am watching live TV, if I rewind when I am about 35″ behind my 8000-T freezes, none of the buttons work and I have to switch it off at the back. Is there a fix? One user reporting this problem has found that re-formatting the internal hard-disk fixed this problem. Please note that you WILL lose any recordings on your 8000-T if you format.
Can I ‘archive’ programs from my 8000-T to a DVD-R? Looking to archive your recordings? Well, connect your Humax to a DVD recorder (S-Video is the preferred method) some earlier users found that their particular DVD-R detected a Macrovision signal where there was none; the 8000-T was sending it in error. This was fixed in a software release (1.00.09?) and most users will probably not be effected now.
How can I update my software? New software releases are occasionally sent over-the-air to automatically update boxes – The update schedule is listed on the DTG Engineering page.
There is a way to manually update your software, if you don’t want to wait for a scheduled update. To do this, obtain the necessary cable from Humax Support UK, plus a 9-Pin Serial Null Modem Cable (Female – Female), download the application from as well as the latest software. Connect your 8000-T to your PC, use 115200 Baud (NOTE! Ensure that the Port settings in Windows Device Manager are set to 115200 as well, as if it isn’t this will prevent successful connection – This is the cause of many peoples failure to connect). Switch off your 8000-T using the switch at the rear upper left. Run WDN4OAK+, select the relevant software .hdf file and click on download. Now switch on you 8000-T. DO NOT SWITCH OFF YOUR 8000-T UNTIL ‘END’ IS DISPLAYED ON FRONT PANEL!
What are the pin connections for the RS232C connector? Only pins 2, 3 & 5 used on the “9-pin D” end ( looking at it with the row of 5 pins on top & pin 1 being on the left top row, pin 6 on the left bottom row) the other end is a 3-pin DIN plug, then looking at the 3-pin DIN with the plastic slot at the bottom and assuming the pin on the left is pin 1: 9-pin D pin 2 -> 3-pin DIN pin 1 9-pin D pin 3 -> 3-pin DIN pin 3 9-pin D pin 5 -> 3-pin DIN pin 2.

To make your own connector: “Solder a 1” length of shiny paper-clip wire to each of the three active cables from the serial lead. Put narrow heat-shrink over all but the last 5mm of each wire. Bundle the three wires together and put a wider piece of heat shrink tubing over the solder-joint end, leaving about 12mm of each sticking out, including 5mm of bare wire. Using a needle-nose pliers, bend then all in a slight “Z” shape to form a rigid 3-pin assembly with the pins at the proper pitch. Embed all but the bare pins in a blob of “Araldite”and stick the whole assembly into an old biro cap.”
Advice posted as-is from a forum posting. RadioAndTelly accepts no responsibility for any damage arising from use of this information

Can I upgrade the Hard-Drive to a larger capacity? Yes. Because the 8000-T doesn’t store its Operating System on the hard-drive, it is very easy… Just swap the hard-drives, ensuring the Cable Select jumper is set and you are away. Some users have reported success with the following drives: DiamondMax Plus9 120Gb UDMA 133, Seagate Barracuda 160Gb 7200, IBM Deskstar 100Gb 7200 (but sounded like a washing machine!). Other drives may indeed work, but don’t blame me if they don’t! Some users have reported the following drives to be incompatible: Samsung SP1604N 160Gb, Western Digital Caviar 120Gb 5400 rpm. This is by no means a definitive list, obviously you can’t hold me responsible if you buy a drive not on this list and it doesn’t work. Also, don’t blame me if changing your hard-drive breaks your machine!

To upgrade the drive: Unplug the PVR8000T from the mains and whip off the case cover. Disconnect the power cable and the data cable from the old drive. Make sure that the new drive has the jumper set for ‘cable select’ – a diagram on the drive shows the correct driver position. Unscrew the HDD mount from the case (3 screws) and the HDD from the mount, replace with the new drive. Plug the cables into the new drive. Put the cover on and plug in. Turn on and wait a few minutes.
Advice posted as-is from a forum posting. RadioAndTelly accepts no responsibility for any damage arising from use of this information

Whenever I use the Guide on my 16:9 TV, it switches to 4:3 / the Zoom mode on my TV goes funny, is there a fix? This doesn’t appear to effect Sony Wega models. For all the others it does effect, Humax have confirmed that this will be addressed in a future software release.
I accidentally switched my machine off whilst it was recording. I switched it back on and tried to press record, but it came up with an error saying “Processing Recording Schedule.” This can be rectified by powering down the machine from the switch on the back and rebooting.
The remote-control looks a bit shabby. Can I improve it? Yes – There is a thin film stuck to the brushed steel. Peel it off.
Kameleon Code? Looking to control your Humax via a Kameleon all-in-one remote control? We’re told that the code is 1427
I can’t get Channel 5 on analogue with my 8000-T connected up. Why? Because by default the 8000-T’s analogue signal interferes with Channel 5 in some areas (most!), in the Set-Up menu you can change the analogue channel UHF frequency the 8000-T outputs. You will have to re-tune your TV & VCR’s analogue tuners for the new 8000-T frequency.




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    how can I set up the Humax remote so as to control the tv?

  • john powell

    I have a PVR-8000T and need a replacement remote control (the unit works fine). Please can you advise how I can get a replacement, where from and how much it would cost.

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