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This page contains information on the “Introduction to Radio” course, that runs in Southend-on-Sea

“Introduction to Radio” is a three-week course run on Saturdays at South Essex College in Southend-on-Sea.

Course Summary:

Student at South Essex College Radio StudioThe “Introduction to Radio” course runs for three weeks on a Saturday morning. It offers an overview of the radio industry, details of how a radio station works, and some insider information on UK broadcasting.

The college has its own radio studio, and you get to spend some hands-on time learning how to work the equipment under the guidance of the course lecturer.

“Introduction to Radio” is aimed at all ages groups, and is suitable for people keen to find out more about radio in the UK. No previous experience is necessary.

The Introduction to Radio course has been running since 2002. The lecturer, Pete, has over 25 years of experience of working in UK radio.

The course is commonly attended by avid radio listeners, those seeking a job in the industry, as well as those that may have had some involvement in broadcasting and are looking to learn more about the business.

The course covers:

  • The Industry: An overview of commercial and BBC radio, including  online and digital DAB radio services. The course takes a look at what goes on behind the scenes, and includes discussion of music scheduling, audience research, copyright and the broadcasting do’s and don’ts.
  • Who’s who: The departments in a radio station, and the companies that make up today’s industry.
  • Introducing the studio: What’s what in a radio studio.
  • The broadcast clock: What makes up an hour of radio, including scheduling.
  • Using the desk: Explaining the controls and studio technique.

South Essex College Radio Studio


Next Level 1 Courses:

  • Sept/Oct 2017

Course booking: Book a place via the South Essex College Website

If any of these dates don’t suit, please contact the college, or email us to register your interest in future dates

Next Level 2 Course:

  • Late 2017

Course booking: Book a place via the South Essex College Website

If any of these dates don’t suit, please contact the college, or email us to register your interest in future dates

Next Podcasting & Internet Radio Course:

  • tba

Course booking: Book a place via the South Essex College Website

If any of these dates don’t suit, please contact the college, or email us to register your interest in future dates


More on the Course:

The course runs for three consecutive weeks from 9am – 12:30pm on Saturdays at various times throughout the year.

The price is currently just £69 for all three weeks.

The course is an ‘introduction’ course, and offers no formal qualification. Course attendees will receive a certificate to confirm that they have attended the course.

The course is run at South Essex College, which is situated in the centre of Southend-on-Sea, right next to Southend Central Rail station. Map | Visiting Southend

If you’ve got a question about the course content, you can contact the course lecturer

Radio Broadcasting Level 2:

Students that have attended the Introduction course can progress on to an advanced course. Level II builds on the knowledge gained in the Level 1 course and delves deeper into the workings of an on-air studio. Hands-on topics include show preparation, link preparation, digital editing, interviewing techniques, scriptwriting, radio advertising and Internet broadcasting. Attendance on the Level I course is required.




Comments from former course attendees:

Two former students of the Introduction to Radio course, Ricky Moore and Tony Nugus, both decided to join The Jumbo Sound (the hospital radio station serving Goodmayes, Ilford) after attending the course in Southend. Tony joined the station in 2003, and Ricky in mid-2006. They kindly agreed to add some thoughts on the radio course.Although Tony and Ricky have different styles of presentation, they share a common theme to deliver professional programming to their audience on The Jumbo Sound, which has been broadcasting over the Internet since 25 June 2006. Ricky and Tony have intentions to break into radio in the future and all of this is undoubtedly due to the good introduction that the Radio Broadcasting skills brought their way at South Essex College.Comments from Tony Nugus:

I took the Introduction to Radio course at South East Essex College in September 2003. This was over three weekends. My tutor, Pete, made me welcome and explained the areas of broadcasting the course would cover. I knew immediately that the course would fulfill my needs when the tutor gave out the list of what would be covered. Everything was there including radio advertising and legal matters as well as the whole radio operation.

The tutor allowed time throughout the course for questions, which was great, so I could fully keep up with areas which I did not fully understand and I also asked him if he would mind taking part in an interview with me as himself when I came to do my own programme on the final week, in the fully equipped studio. Pete was very encouraging at all stages throughout the course and he gave me the greatest of opportunities to get the maximum out of it which I actually did. This is a must-do course if you want to get into radio. I have always been interested in radio from a very early age and I am now fully confident in a studio as a result of this course.

Tony is now presenting on Big L – More info


Comments from Ricky Moore:

I had some knowledge of the radio industry before I came on this course in June 2006. Pete explored what each individual knew on the course, and taught at a level that was right for all of us. Pete taught me a lot about “behind the scenes” at a radio station, and things you wouldn’t normally know. I would certainly recommend this course to anybody looking to get into the radio industry.


Comments from other attendees:

“The Radio Broadcast Skills course has given me some amazing tips on how to get ahead in the world of radio. Before I attended the course I felt like I was in the dark and I wasn’t sure how to pursue jobs within radio but the course provided me with some guidance and a way forward in my career. I have already signed up to do the advanced course and have sent off some demos! It is money well spent on friendly and practical advice.” Jennifer Nicholas, February 2008

“The Radio Broadcast Skills course 1 and 2, though short, has giving me hope in getting a career soon.
At 35, I did not have any hope for a career until I enrolled on the course. At the moment, I am just about to start volunteering for Voice Of Africa Radio, based in East London in the evenings and on weekends which is a big step in my quest to get myself a career. The Course itself is very intense and practical with excellent tuition, support and supervision in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere”. Alfred Yeboah, Plaistow, East London, Jan 2008


Attended the course? Send us your comments. Also, see the Course Notes page

Been on the course? We have a private discussion group for graduates of the weekend course to chat, swap ideas, and ask questions. Contact Pete to be added to the group


Your questions

I have some experience in radio already – is this course for me?

The Level 1 Radio Broadcasting course is aimed at those new to broadcast radio, or who have a basic understanding but are looking to enhance their knowledge. Many of the course students have some experience, perhaps from hospital or online radio and are looking for the basic knowledge of the industry to help move into mainstream broadcasting.

Material covered includes discussion of RAJAR audience research, Ofcom rules and regulations, PRS/PPL music copyright, music scheduling, the broadcast chain, use of jingles, a basic overview of studio equipment (Sonifex S1 desk and the BCX3 playout system) as well as an introduction to digital editing (we use Adobe Audition for this). “


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