Argos TV Closes Down

Argos TV LogoTV shopping channel Argos TV has closed down.

The TV version of the laminated book of dreams started broadcasting in 2011, showcasing hundreds of products found in Argos catalogues in their high street stores across the county. The channel formerly broadcast 24 hours a day. The reason for the station’s closure is cited as being that the channel no longer formed part of the Argos strategy to target affluent customers, and could be seen as a “barrier to widening the brand appeal”

The last Argos TV show was broadcast on the 12th of May 2013. Until today, the channel was available on Sky, Freesat and Freeview.

Fans of Argos TV might like to take a look at the following YouTube clip, which shows some of the funnier moments Argos TV’s programming.

Argos TV channel Bloopers

“Sky Channel 642, please go to your Collection Point please…”

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  • Tim Pardington

    Well, I hear that this might be replaced by DRAMA, which is coming to Freeview, according to last weeks Radio Times, in July.

  • Tim Pardington

    I stand corrected – DRAMA will in fact replace Dave Ja Vu on Freeview.

  • At least the new catalogue will be available by the end of July with lots of price reductions as well as new products. These catalogues help us compare prices upto the time Argos offers £5 and £10 discounts. Mind you there may be extra discounts on the website and from cashback website discounts, too.

  • Jack

    Not surprised but not disppointed either. Had no use for their channel, and frankly little use for Argos, which has gone down the tubes these last few years. Was a time I’d buy at Argos confident that their prices couldn’t beaten – those days long gone. I still shops there – not much choice on an increasingly sparse high street, but 9 out of 10 of my recent purchases were from other retailers who beat Argos on both price and available stock. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Argos itself disappear over the next few years.

  • Home shopping is a tough environment.

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