YouView Box and Broadband for £10 a month

Here at Radio & Telly, we’re seeing increasing interest in the YouView TV offering – the service that combines Freeview, a hard-disc recorder, and extra content on your TV via Broadband. YouView’s available to buy on the high-street, or you can get a free box from BT or TalkTalk

If you’re keen to get hold of a YouView box, but don’t fancy forking out £250 for the set-top box, then it’s worth taking a look at the TalkTalk TV offer that landed in our inbox this morning.


YouView and TalkTalk for £10 a month

The offer gives you Phone, Broadband and TV for £10 a month (for the first 6 months, then £15.50 a month) – Check up on the details here: TalkTalk YouView offer

Here’s a summary of the offer that we’ve just been alerted to:

  • Free YouView box (Freeview plus on-demand)
  • Access to channels and shows not available elsewhere without a dish)
  • Unlimited access to 4,000 US & UK shows and films
  • Upgrade to Sky Sports & Sky Movies (not offered on normal YouView boxes)

You’ll also get TalkTalk broadband (offering unlimited downloads), plus unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines. Th eoffer is running for the next few weeks

TalkTalk's YouView Box - available for free with TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk’s YouView Box – available for free with TalkTalk Broadband


The TalkTalk Plus TV package is normally priced at £15.50 a month – It’s now £10 for 6 months for customers, in addition (of course) to standard phone line rental.

This offer runs until the 19th of June – Check if TalkTalk’s available where you are here: YouView from TalkTalk

We’re hearing surprisingly positive things about the service at the moment, with many seeing YouView as a great alternative to the rather pricey service from Sky. TalkTalk’s offering is a good contender now that it offers a lot of Sky’s content, such as Sky One, Sky Sports and Sky Movies.

If you’re watching YouView via TalkTalk, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences.

More information on YouView here: YouView Explored


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