Changes to Freeview Channel 32

Freeview LogoFreeview channel 32 has undergone a change today.

Until today, the channel was labelled Big Deal, but has today has become Movie Mix

The channel seems to have something of a split personality. What we understand is that the channel does the following:

  • Runs the Bid Plus TV shopping channel from 9am to 8pm
  • Runs Speed Auction from 8pm to midnight (for the first time on Freeview)
  • Runs generic Teleshopping from midnight to 3am
  • Runs one movie from 3am to 5am
  • Runs Teleshopping from 5am to 9am

That gives us 22 hours a day of shopping, and one movie between 3 and 5 in the morning – presumably meaning that it’s there so that people can set their Freeview or YouView PVRs to record the movie overnight and watch it the next day.

Films shown as coming up on Movie Mix in the next few days, according to the Freeview EPG are as follows:

  • The Borrowers
  • From Hell to Borneo
  • The Hoax
  • The Brothers O’Toole
  • Cry of the Innocent
  • Ginger in the Morning

A bizarre time to offer a movie service, and a little cheeky to list this as a movie channel when it’s 22 hours of shopping and one movie a day at silly-o-clock.

There’s some discussion of this in our Freeview Help and Advice forum


Playboy Chat off-air

We’ve also heard that the Playboy Chat channel is apparently off-air at the moment.  Freeview channel 178 still shows the name “Playboy”, and normally transmits Playboy Chat from midnight to 6am. The EPG still shows a listing, but we’ve not been motivated enough to try watching after midnight. Any info…? Let us know.


  • gary

    movie mix ha ha that’s a joke, only showing one move at 3am just another excuse for more shopping tv, so where are the movies?

  • gary

    maybe they will put more movies over the christmas period, i hope so
    why name the channel movie mix there is only one movie

  • Graeme

    “Playboy Chat off-air”.

    Their schedule doesn’t list it at all, not untill Monday 31st December 2012.

  • gary

    there is a new channel called blue bird tv on 179, mybe this will replace playboy tv

  • There is a new channel on 790 called TEST, supposedly coming soon although there is no mention of when.

    If other channel ‘waits’ have been anything to go by, we could be waiting until March/April as these things tend to take between 4 and 6 months before deciding whether or not they will actually be shown on freeview.

    The only thing that worries me is that it will either be :

    A new radio station (I don’t know why, nobody uses them and you certainly can’t “watch” them. Here’s a tip Switch on the Radio.)


    Its just a test card for another station, which has been done before on freeview to test signals on the multiplex.

    I still fail to understand why freeview seems to think we need internet based tv channels, have you ever watched Sports Tonight channel online? It looks like they’re sitting in a cupboard.

  • And get rid of Top Up TV, no-one uses it anymore.

  • Colin Radburn

    channel 32 “Movie Mix” is now showing tv programs like Baywatch.

  • Steve c

    movie mix is now showing some movies and programs, at least we are not left with another flog it channel.

  • Tim Pardington

    Further to your statements here, they’re showing a movie at 10am in the morning, and others after 3pm in the afternoon, and supplementing the programming with repeats of The Guardian and, surprisingly, Baywatch (Cue Joey and Chandler’s egg timer)

  • jenny


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