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Audio problems with a Hauppauge Win-TV USB

We’d love to know if anyone can help us with this one. We have a WinTV box that plugs into a USB port on our PC. Every couple of minutes, we get a loud ‘pop’ out of our speakers… sometimes we get a series of crackles, and even some static (especially when the PC starts up. We don’t ever get the popping when we’re actually watching TV via the Win-TV, it’s only when the Win2000 application isn’t running. From searching around, we’ve seen the following suggestions:

  • Make sure the latest version of DirectX is installed – See
  • We saw the following advice (but it didn’t work for us… Those users who have Norton System Works 2003 installed, could try going into Norton AntiVirus options, and uncheck Instant messenger. On some systems, using Outlook XP, in Outlook go to Tools/options, and click the Other tab. Uncheck MSN Messenger and click OK.
  • We’ve also heard that this is due to mains interference upsetting the sensitive amplifier, and keeping the box and cabling away from mains may help
  • In the end, we solved it… but still don’t know exactly how – for another reason, we had to re-install Windows XP, and as a result cleared out a load of junk. Gut feeling is that this was something to do with the USB drivers on Windows, and our original Service Pack 2 installation – but we can’t prove it.

Get in touch if you’ve got any ideas?

WinTV 2000 Scheduled Recording failures

We found that our Hauppauge HVR1100 TV card was crashing when making a recording through the Win TV Scheduler. The error we were getting was: “0x80040207 connectpins reader splitter there is no common media type between these pins”. One of the following two solutions worked for us. Good luck!

  • From WinTV 2000, go to Configure > MPEG settings, and change the settings to Quality Level: MPEG1. Seems to fix problems where you don’t have the right video codec installed
  • In Windows XP, go to Start > Programs > Hauppauge WinTV > Primary and select either ‘ DIB DRAW’ or ‘Force Primary mode’ – Seems to fix issues with certain video card drivers.
  • We’ve also found that rolling back to an earlier version, 25e seems to have solved the problem – not ideal, but an option.


Matsui 28 Wn03 setup problems

We’ve been having problems with our Matsui Widescreen TV (Model 28WN03 , or 28ZKW), and needed to adjust some of the advanced picture properties. We found the advanced ‘Service menu’ settings using the following process:

  1. Turn the TV off from the front switch
  2. Open the flap next to the power button, and while holding down the ‘Menu’ button, turn the TV on
  3. When the red light next to the power button lights, release the ‘Menu’ button.
  4. Press the red Standby button on the remote control to switch the TV on. You should now be in the service menu
  5. Use the P+ and P- controls to scroll through the menu options, and the Vol+ and Vol- to make adjustments.

IMPORTANT: Keep a note of all settings before making changes – failure to do this can mess things up, especially if you accidentally do a factory reset.

Note that these settings and this information is supplied as-is, and are used at your own risk. This site’s owner accept no liability for use of this information. It’s provided to help others looking for this information

It would seem that this model is a re-badged version of an Orion TV. Here are the settings we have on our WN03:

Option Our settings Details
If50 AFC 3
AG 0D OD Aerial gain?
VS 16 Vertical Slope
VA 12 Vertical Amplitude
VSH 1D Vertical Shift
SC 07 S Correction
HSH 26 Horizontal Shift
Ew16 3C Widescreen setup
Pw16 11 Widescreen setup
Cp16 16 Widescreen setup
Tc16 1D Widescreen setup
Ew4 28 4:3 setup
Pw4 0F 4:3 setup
Cp4 16 4:3 setup
Tc4 1D 4:3 setup
WR 20 Red
WG 19 Green
WB 18 Blue
OSD 3F On screen display
YP 18
YO 22
LA 01
Op1 A8
Op2 F8
Op3 1B
Co2 98
Co3 27
Co4 00
Vg2 Test Off
INIT CTV831X 1.1 Reset to factory default. WITH CARE!

Note that in order for changes to be saved, you need to press the ‘menu off’ button before switching off the set.

Resetting a Junghans Mega Solar

  • To re-sync the time on a 053/1211 radio-controlled watch, you need to make a call to DCF77 transmitter. To make a manual transmitter call, press and hold the button on the rear for more than 9 seconds. The second hand, then the others, reset to midnight, and the display reads 00. The dot after 00 flashes while reception is in progress

Changing the strap on a Junghans Mega Solar Ceramic

  • Easy when you know, but one of our team struggled changing the strap on his Junghans model 053/1211 radio-controlled watch. It’s actually a two-person job to detach the strap. There are two screw per strap-half and one has to be turned while the other is kept still as the two screws are connected. Easy when you know. Here’s a photo of a dismantled watch:

Junghans Mega Solar Strap

Missing quote

  • Trying hard to find the source of this quote online was a struggle, and Google let us down. To help anyone else searching, the quote “It’s exactly like licking a shag pile carpet” is from L.A. Story, and occurs when Steve Martin’s character is asked to taste some odd homemade juice drink. Mystery solved.

Audible activation problem

  • When using Audible to transfer files to our Creative Zen Vision:M, we got the message: “Failed to set activation data to device. The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.” We triedWindows Media 10, and after a
    “Preparing to Sync”
    message, we got “AudibleManager

    failed to transfer audio to your Creative ZEN Vision:M. Device Specific error: Unable to update your device. Please press Abort Transfer and try again.

    Solution for us was to update our
    Creative Zen Vision:M with firmware version 1.41.01e.

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