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I don't watch TV. Can I watch videos and DVDs after the switchover?

A message from site visitor M. Stoyle:

"If I buy a new TV (mine is old and has only 2 SCART sockets), can I watch my existing videos on it? I have an external aerial and can receive 5 analogue channels with good reception. I do not want more channels!! "

The digital switchover only affects receiving the five standard TV channels via a TV aerial. If you're happy not to be able to watch or record live TV after the switchover, then you don't need to do anything.

When the switchover happens, you will lose the ability to watch the 5 TV channels via your TV aerial, but your ability to watch DVDs and videos won't be affected. You mention that you want to buy a new TV. This may not be necessary - as you'll be able to connect your existing video recorder via SCART, and watch videos on your existing TV without a problem.

I only watch DVDs and Videos!

A message from site visitor Sally-Ann:

"My daughter has a telly in her room, but only watches videos and DVDs on her telly. Will we have to convert hers to digital or will she still be able to watch videos and DVDs?"

All that the digital switchover affects, is the ability to watch analogue TV (the 5 standard channels) via a TV aerial. If your daughter doesn't want to watch or record live TV in her room, she won't need to 'go digital' - playback of video/DVD isn't affected by the digital switchover.


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