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Does the Switchover affect FM & AM Radio

The 2012 digital switchover does not affect AM or FM radio - just analogue TV. All that's affected by the switchover is the reception of BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 on a TV aerial on analogue TV sets and recorders.

Will FM and AM analogue radio switch off?

In 2009, the Government's Digital Britain report outlined plans to turn off existing FM and AM National and local services by 2015. This would free up space for a number of "ultra-local" services.

This switch would only go ahead if at least 50% of the UK were listening on digital radio.

The Digital Britain plans aren't concrete, but as it stands, the report recommends moving existing FM and AM services over to digital by 2015.

For more information about the proposed switch-off of FM radio, see the FM Radio Switchover website.

What about digital radio?

You can get digital radio in the UK now - This is known as D.A.B (Digital Audio Broadcasting), and a large number of local and national stations are available on DAB.

You can also receive digital radio on Freeview, Satellite and Cable set-top boxes.

More information: FrequencyCast's Digital Radio page

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