TiVo TV Recorder Information for the UK

The Thomson TiVo PVR10UK is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) – recording TV onto a hard disk instead of videotape.

The Tivo box

  • Built-in hard disk (40 Gigabytes for up to 40 hours of TV)
  • Record TV without videotape
  • Pause Live TV and fast forward through adverts
  • Never miss an episode of your favourite series
  • Electronic TV guide
  • Learns your viewing preferences
  • Works with terrestrial, digital terrestrial, Sky Digital and cable TV systems
Tivo screen

Tivo Availability:

TiVo stocks in the UK are now very limited. You may wish to try:

Tivoland – New units for £279, plus £19 P&P

They have also been stocked at Currys and John Lewis. You may also have some luck on Ebay.co.uk

Update 2011: TiVo set to be part of the new Virgin Media Set-top boxes – More on the Virgin V+ Box


No luck with a TiVo? If you’re having problems getting hold of one, satellite viewers should consider Sky+ which is a great way to watch and record Sky Digital channels. You can now take remote control of Sky+ over the Internet or on a mobile phone.

Other alternatives include BT Vision, or a Freeview PVR – See our dedicated PVR page.



  • PVRsWith the TiVo no longer available in the UK – check out the alternatives
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  • TiVo Community – Discussion forum
  • Sky+Customers of Sky TV may want to look at the highly recommended Sky+ solution instead of TiVo.
  • TiVoInfo.com – Information on TiVo and DirecTV in the US
  • XtendedPlay – Details on how to upgrade your TiVo
  • Hinsdale TiVo upgrades – How to get more storage space on your TiVo

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