Be In The Audience for a UK TV Show

This page contains details on how you can be part of a UK TV studio audience, or attend a live recording of your favourite show.

If you have a favourite TV show, or want to know more about how TV is put together, consider going along to a recording of a TV show.

To be part of a TV studio audience is usually free of charge, and there’s always a chance that you’ll be able to get yourself on the telly.


TV audience handling companies

Try the following sites and phone numbers for information about upcoming shows:


So what happens?

We’ve seen a couple of UK sitcoms recorded recently at Teddington Studios, these include Black Books and Coupling. After ordering tickets from the audience handling company, the tickets tend to arrive a couple of weeks before the recording. On the day, it pays to arrive at least an hour before Doors Open time… As some people at a Black Books recording a few years back experienced, having a ticket is not always a guarantee of getting in!

After a brief spell in a waiting area, you’re ushered to seats, and a warm-up person appears – it’s their job to keep you amused during the recording. Bear in mind that a 30 minute sitcom can take around 3 hours to record, what with retakes, scene changes, costume changes and technical adjustments.

If you’ve not been to see a show put together, it’s well worth it – for one, you can get to see a new series many months before it’s screened, get to see what goes on behind the scenes (for example, the Black Books team interacting with the audience while scenery is reset), get to see the outtakes, and get a feel for the work that goes into getting a show on the air.


Other links

Some useful links for those looking to get themselves on telly as part of a live studio audience, or anyone looking to find out about upcoming TV show recordings:


Any questions? please visit our forum, and we’ll try to help.


  • george rogers

    We live in a retirement village, We need to accommodate 50 retired people between 60 – 85 yrs to be able to attend any production of any radio or t.v show in Great Britain. Any details would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you
    George Rogers

  • Sirs

    We live in a retirement village in Gloucestershire. we would like to accommodate 50 retired people, age from 60 to 80 years old, to be able to attend any radio or T.V. production for any radio or T.V. show in Great Britain. Any details would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you
    George Rogers

  • we+live+in+Coventry+area+and+there+are+about+30+of+us+interested+in+being+in+the+audience+of+any+TV+show+or+production+.+++our+age+range+is+from+60-80+years+male+and+females.++we+would+prefer+Monday+to+Friday.++any+details+would+be+great+fully+appreciated+


  • Sheila Moran

    We my husband and I, have recently retir3d and would like to be in audiences for any programmes being filmed in Media City Manchester. Could you please advise us how to go about requesting tickets?

  • Our+Church+Fellowship+would+like+to+be+in+the+audience+for+any+programmes+being+filmed+in+media+city,+Salford,+please+could+you+inform+us+how+to+go+about+requesting+tickets

  • Sandy croule

    Sydney Jones Court Inbetweeners aged 55 – 90 plus would like to know more about audience participation on tv shows.

    Really looking forward to hearing from you

    Sandy Croule

  • linda storm

    i would like to know if there are any tickets for any show in manchester at media city for 6th june as we have a hotel booked for that day as we were coming to see jeramy kyle but it is cancelled thanks linda

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