Freesat Boxes – A List of Freesat Receivers

Our list of Freesat satellite TV receiver boxes available in the UK, including HD receivers and hard-disc recorders

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Freesat is a digital TV service that uses a satellite dish. For the basics on what Freesat has to offer, see our Freesat Explained section.

To get Freesat, you will need a satellite dish outside your house pointing at the appropriate satellite. You’ll also need a Freesat receiver. A small number of TV sets have Freesat built-in, but for most people, it’ll be a case of buying a Freesat box.


Freesat Set-top boxes

Set-top boxes capable of receiving Freesat became available in May 2008. They are available from Currys, Argos and John Lewis.

Here are the main Freesat set-top boxes:

High-Def: No
Recorder (PVR): No
Connectors: 2 x SCART, LNB in/Out, Ethernet£30 – from Argos (Cat no: 532/1557)

High-Def: Yes
Recorder (PVR):No
Connectors: 2 x SCART, LNB in/Out, HDMI, Ethernet
£69.99 – from Argos (Cat no: 532/2460)

Humax Foxsat HD Five Stars
Humax Foxsat HD
High-Def: Yes
Recorder (PVR): No
Connectors: 2 x SCART, HDMI, Component, USB, EthernetReview: Humax Foxsat Review

Humax Foxsat HDR Five Stars
Humax FoxSat HVR
High-Def: Yes
Recorder (PVR): Yes
Connectors: 2 x SCART, HDMI

  • 320GB built-in hard-disk (up to 200 hours recording)
  • High Definition satellite TV recorder
  • Twin Tuner
  • Series link, pause live TV and 8 day EPG

Available for £249.99 from

Available for £215 from John Lewis

More on our Humax Foxsat HDR page

Goodmans GFSAT100SD
Goodmans GFSAT100SD
High-Def: No
Recorder (PVR): No
Connectors: 2 x SCART, LNB in/Out, Ethernet
£54.99 – from Argos (Cat no: 532/1571)

Goodmans GFSAT200HD
Goodmans GFSAT200HD Black Freesat HD
High-Def: Yes
Recorder (PVR): No
Connectors: 2 x SCART, LNB in/Out, HDMI, Ethernet£94.99 – from Argos (Cat no: 532/1588)

Goodmans GFSAT200HD Black Freesat HD
High-Def: YES
Recorder (PVR): NoDiscontinued – Was £99.99 from Comet

Panasonic PZ81
Panasonic PZ81 with Freesat
The Panasonic TH-50PZ81B is the first TV set with a built-in Freesat receiver. This HD TV can receive the Freesat channels, including the HD channels, without subscription.The Panasonic PZ81 plasma TV is available in 42″, 46″ and 50″ versions.Check Pricerunner or Kelkoo.


Got a question on Freesat? First, try our Freesat FAQ.

If the answer’s not on our FAQ, ask in our Freesat Forum


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  • Maggie

    Why haven’t I recieved the code to connect my iPad to freesat. I have registered .

  • Nigel Johnson

    Why don’t you provide a list of basic Freesat receivers that are actually available (the two cheapest at Argos are no longer available) . There seems to be a UK cartel operating. Considering the technology is mature and what was available before these should cost no more than £30.

    • I agree, we are trying to find a simple freesat box that is not a recorder and does not incorporate freeview etc
      Not Luddites, just trying to find what we want!

      Did you succeed in the end?

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