Now TV – Sky’s On Demand Service Explored

We take a look at Now TV, the movies-on-demand service offering premier movies from Sky without the need for a dish or a long-term contract.


What is Now TV?

Now TV LogoNow TV launched in July 2012. It’s run by satellite broadcaster Sky TV and offers movies for rent on computers, tablets, games consoles, and on the YouView TV service. There’s no long-term contract, and you can get movies not yet available on rival on-demand film services such as Netflix and Lovefilm.

The Now TV service offers current blockbusters and movie box sets as seen on the Sky Movies channels. Unlike the Sky TV offering, there’s no long-term contract, and no need to install a dish.

The key selling point for the service is that it offers the latest movies first – In some cases, twelve months before they’re available on rival online services such as Lovefilm and Netflix. Up to 20 new premier movies are added to the Now TV service each month.

How can I get Now TV?

It’s available on the following platforms:

Sky Go Devices


How much does Now TV cost?

At the time of writing, it’s £8.99 a month. No ties, and no long-term contract. A 30 day free trial is available at

NOW TV - Movie Service from Sky

What about Sky Go?

Ahh – That’s a different service offered by Sky. The Sky Go service service is available for customers of the Sky TV service, and allows Sky channels and content to be viewed on laptops, tablets and computers.

For more on this service, not to be confused with Now TV, see our Sky Go Explored page.


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