Netflix – Streaming Movies and TV to the UK

Netflix has been a huge hit in the US, and it’s now available to us in the UK. The service offers streaming movies and TV shows direct to your home for a one-off monthly fee.


What is Netflix?

Netflix LogoNetflix is a huge movies and TV rental service that’s been running in the US for some time.

In 2012, the company launched its UK service, and you can now watch TV shows and movies over the Internet using the popular Netflix service.

Watch unlimited movies and TV shows for £5.99 a month – Details at


What does Netflix offer?

Thousands of movies and TV shows available for instant access over the Internet

Content is offered by content providers such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Disney, CBS, MGM, Miramax, NBC Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and Viacom.


Ways to watch Netflix

There are several ways to watch Netflix movies and TV show:

  • Watch from your computer screen, or connect your laptop to your telly
  • Via a connected games consult such as the Microsoft X-Box 360, Sony PS/3, or Nintendo’s Wii
  • Watch via an Internet-enabled Samsung TV
  • Via Apple TV
  • On your Apple or Android smartphone
  • On your Apple or Android tablet

Other ways of watching Netflix are in the pipeline.


UK Netflix Review

We’ll be putting Netflix through its paces very soon, so please check back for a review of what Netflix has to offer.

Netflix Website

Rivals to Netflix

LoveFilm Online Free TrialThe big rival to Netflix in the UK, is the LoveFilm service. LoveFilm was acquired by Amazon in 2011, and the LoveFilm service mixes traditional DVD rentals via post with online streaming content.

The LoveFilm service starts from £5.99, which includes DVD rentals through the post, plus a small amount of online content. In January 2012, they launched an unlimited streaming video service for £4.99. You can find out more about what LoveFilm offers at

Other alternatives include Blinkbox, and Apple TV. See our Internet TV page for some of the other options.


Netflix Requirements

You’ll need a broadband speed of at least 500kbps for a stable video connection.

You should also be aware that it’s important to make sure you’re aware of your Broadband download allowance. Streaming movies and TV shows will consume Internet bandwidth, and you should ideally be on an “unlimited” broadband package, to ensure that you’re not clobbered with extra charges from your Broadband provider.

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