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Can I use my portable TV set after the Digital Switchover?

Most portable TV sets produced before 2006 are analogue. As we explain on this site, by 2012, the UK analogue service will be turned off.

So, does this mean you have to throw away your old portable TV sets? No!

What it does mean, is that to continue working, your existing portable TV sets will need to be connected to a digital TV set top box after the switch-off.

Here are the options:

1. Connect a set-top box to your portable TV.

Freeview: Assuming you're in a Freeview coverage area - get a Freeview box and plug it into the portable TV, and connect it to a TV aerial. Freeview boxes start from around £20 and are available from Currys, Argos and John Lewis.

Typically you'll connect to the portable TV's SCART socket. If your TV has no SCART socket, see our No SCART FAQ.

Sky? Consider Sky Multiroom

2. Connect to another digital TV receiver somewhere else in the house

If you've got a digital TV service somewhere else in the house, you could use standard aerial cable to connect from your existing digital TV box to your portable TV. Alternatively, use a 'video sender' to send the output of your digital box to a portable TV elsewhere in the house. See our TV in other rooms FAQ

New portable TV? If you're considering getting a portable TV - make sure you look for a portable TV set with a built-in Freeview receiver. These are available from Currys, Argos and John Lewis.


TV aerialTV aerials and portable TVs

It's important to note that if you're looking to get Freeview box to connect to a portable TV, the Freeview box needs to be connected to a TV aerial. The aerial must be capable of getting a good Freeview signal. If you're in a Freeview coverage area, and your house has a roof-top aerial, this is usually all you need.

If there's not an aerial point in the room where your portable is, you can either run an aerial extension from a room where there's a rooftop aerial point, or try a portable indoor TV aerial. Indoor aerials are generally not as good as rooftop aerials, and only work in areas where there's a strong Freeview signal. Indoor aerials and Freeview

Nikkai & inch Freeview portableLooking for a Freeview portable TV?

We're keen on the Nikkai 7 inch Hybrid TV. This supports both analogue and digital (Freeview) TV. It also has a Line In socket, and can play video files from a USB stick or an SD card. A flexible little portable TV for a decent price - Available from


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