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Digital TV in other rooms?

To watch TV after the Digital Switchover, existing analogue TV sets will need to be connected to a digital receiver. But what happens if you have lots of TV sets in different rooms?

For the most flexibility, you may want to consider getting a digital set-top box for each TV set in each room of the house. If you are in a Freeview coverage area, you can buy a Freeview box for around £25. If you're with Sky or Virgin, you can get extra set-top boxes direct from them.

Alternatively, you could use a distribution system (an amplified splitter, feeding to TVs via aerial cable). This will allow you to feed one Sky Digital, Virgin or Freeview box to other TV sets in the house using aerial cable.

In summary, you have two choices for each analogue TV set in your house:

SCART lead1. Connect a digital receiver set-top box direct to an analogue TV using a SCART lead. Freeview boxes are around £25. If you're with Sky or Virgin, they can supply additional boxes.

TV has no SCART socket? You will need to connect a digital receiver set-top box direct to the TV using an aerial lead. See: No SCART socket?

2. Connect your analogue TV to a digital set-top box somewhere else in the house. You normally do this by running an aerial cable from the back of a digital TV box to the aerial input of the second TV. With this option, you will be limited to only being able to watch the channel that the set-top box is tuned in to. Help on this: TV in a second room

Don't want to run wires around your house? Consider a wireless video sender

No TV aerial in the other room?

If you're looking to get Freeview in a room where there is no rooftop aerial point, your options are:

  • Run an aerial extension lead from an existing rooftop aerial to the other room (kits and leads available from
  • Try an indoor aerial, although these are only effective if there's a strong Freeview signal. More: Freeview and indoor aerials

More help on getting TV in other rooms:

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