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Audio Guide to the Switchover

Rather than reading lots of words about the UK Digital Switchover, give our Unofficial Audio Guide a try.

This is free, and helps to explain what the Switchover is all about, and what you need to know. The guide also answers some common questions.

You can either download the guide to your computer or MP3 player, or listen over the Internet.

Here's how:


Download the Guide

You can download the guide to your PC or Mac, so you can listen offline, or copy it to an iPod or MP3 player.

To download right-click on the following: Download Guide, then select "Save Target As"


Listen to the Guide

You can listen over the Internet.

Click on the following link to open up an audio player: Open Player, or you can use your computer's own MP3 player: Play MP3 file


The audio guide is brought to you by FrequencyCast, the online radio show that discusses digital TV in the UK. Find out more about our free shows at