tvMax TV and Broadband Service Explored

This page takes a look at tvMax, from the Internet Service Provider Namesco. tvMax is no longer available, but this page offers a look back at the service.


What was tvMax:

Broadband webhosting firm Namesco launched their tvMax service in April 2006 – this is a TV-over-Broadband service.

They’re offering the NetGem iPlayer 6640 set-top box that’s capable of receiving the 50 Freeview TV and radio channels, and has a built-in PVR disk recorder. They’re using set-top box hardware from French manufacturer NetGem (makers of the top-notch iPlayer+).

NetGem i-player 6640

MaxTV will also offer a “catch up TV” service, as well as access to over 30,000 podcasts.

Service ceased in 2007 – In September 07, it was reported that tvMax is no longer in operation. It vanished from Namesco’s site, and we started to hear rumours that Namesco had abandoned the service.

Alternatives to tvMax?

Consider the combined Freeview / hard-disk recorder / on-demand TV service from YouView from BT.


What did tvMax offer?

Here’s our summary of the features offered by the service:

  • Access up to 50 Freeview TV and radio channels with the set-top box
  • PVR (Digital Recorder) that records up to 30 hours of TV (30 gig hard drive)
  • Pause & Rewind TV
  • 8-Day Electronic Programme Guide
  • Broadband access – Speeds up to 8Mbps (Ethernet socket)
  • tvMax services. Internet Access, Email and more…
  • Access to over 30,000 podcasts (internet radio shows)

The HomeMax Broadband service cost £19.95 a month and the tvMax service was an extra £9.99 a month

iPlayer 6640 box specification:

  • Hard-disk: 30 Gig
  • EPG: 8 days
  • Input: Ethernet socket for Broadband connectivity
  • Output: 2 SCART sockets, RF in and out, USB, optical audio out


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