DAB Digital Radios for your PC

This page provides information on the range of DAB digital radio receivers that can be connected to computers in the UK


DAB Digital Radio
To discuss DAB, to comment on a receiver, or to see comments on the various DAB receivers on the market, see our DAB discussion forum.

The following types of DAB radios are available:

Pure ONEWe recommend: The Pure One DAB Radio.

Good sound quality, easy-to-use digital radio.
See our Pure One Review. Available from Amazon


PC DAB Receivers

Instead of buying a dedicated DAB radio, make use of your PC to receive DAB radio through your PC’s speakers. A cost-effective way to receive DAB radio, and adds the extra advantage of being able to record DAB digital radio and create an MP3 of radio shows.

For information on receiving DAB radio, as well as digital TV stations, on your PC, see our Radio on your PC page


DAB Digital Radio USB dongle for DAB on your PC or laptop. Auto & Manual station scan. Station presets, record DAB onto your PC
Dimensions: 86 x 40 x 16 mm

Last seen for £39.99 from Maplin (cat number A14FW). Know of a supplier? Contact us

DAB / Internet Radio USB Stick
DAB / Internet Radio USB Stick

DAB USB stick that also supports Internet radio. Full radio information display screen and programme guide. Station presets, record DAB onto your PC. High sensitivity flat antenna with magnetic mount included.

Last seen for £29.99 from Maplin (cat number A15GX ). Know of a supplier? Contact us

Psion Wavefinder
Psion Wavefinder

Now long-discontinued. WaveFinder picks up digital wireless radio signals (both audio and visual) and sends them direct to your PC without requiring an Internet connection. The WaveFinder antenna plugs into your PC via a USB port
Useful links:

  • Dab Bar – Recommended alternative to the software supplied by Psion
  • Wavefinder FAQ – Answers to common questions
  • DABDig software – Free software that integrates DigiGuide to Wavefinder

Availability: Discontinued by Psion some time back, but still available via on Ebay.co.uk for between £30-£60
Note: The Wavefinder can’t be used with Windows XP after Service Pack 2 has been installed

Modular Tech PCI Card
Modular Technology DAB PCI Card

Slots inside a PC’s casing in a PCI slot. Supplied with dedicated software (Windows 98, Me, 2000 & XP). Can record radio programs as MP3 files, and can also set your PC’s clock from the accurate signal broadcast as part of the DAB transmission. See manufacturer’s site for more details.

Know of a supplier? Contact us

Prices, specifications and offers are subject to alteration. Refer to the websites that we link to for latest prices, information and conditions

Can’t find a USB DAB radio?

USB DAB radios seem quite rare, so the above list goes out of date quite quickly. If you’re having trouble, we suggest the following:

  • Consider getting a Freeview USB receiver for your PC. Freeview carries a number of digital radio stations. These are available from PC World, Dabs.com and Maplin Electronics.
  • Take a look on eBay for a USB DAB receiver
  • Check PC-based radio receivers (including DAB) are available from Amazon.co.uk, PC World, Dabs.com and Maplin Electronics to see if any new USB DAB radios have appeared (let us know if you find one!)
  • The other option is to get a standard DAB radio, and connect the output of the DAB radio to the input on your computer’s soundcard.

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