Handheld DAB Digital Radios

This page provides information on the range of handheld DAB digital radios available in the UK.


DAB Digital Radio
To discuss DAB, to comment on a receiver, or to see comments on the various DAB receivers on the market, see our DAB discussion forum.

The following types of DAB radios are available:

Pure ONEWe recommend: The Pure One DAB Radio.

Good sound quality, easy-to-use digital radio.
See our Pure One Review. Available from Amazon



Handheld DAB receivers

The most convenient way to get DAB – a handheld battery-powered receiver. Note that DAB signals aren’t as strong as standard FM signals, which is why many have telescopic aerials. Don’t expect the signal when on the move to be as good as a decent FM walkman…

Acoustic Solutions
Acoustic Solutions

Details: DAB and FM digital tuners, 4 line graphic display with blue colour backlight. Requires 2 x AA batteries

Available for £89.99 from Argos

Aria A-3000 Aria A-3000

Details: Lightweight portable DAB unit with both FM and DAB. 10 memory presets, 2 line display. Receives both Band 111 and L Band. Battery life at least 10 hours.

Grade B version available for £57.99 from Maplin (Cat no: L37AT)

Bush PSDAB2004
Bush PSDAB2004

Details: Handheld personal DAB radio with a rubberised finish. 4-way joystick navigation, automatically compiles list of favourite stations, 10 preset memories, station hold and a backlit display. Supplied with stereo earphones


Last seen at Argos

Ferguson FRG810D
Ferguson FRG810D

Details: Ten station preset and a large LCD display. Battery powered (18 hours battery life).
Dimensions: 247mm x 178mm x 58mm
Weight: 60g

Last seen for £69.99 at Dixons

Grundig GRD300 DAB

Details: Portable DAB unit from Grundig. LCD display and 6 preset station memories. Became available in October 2003

Last seen for £64.99 from Dixons

iAudio D2 with DAB
iAudio D2 with DAB Digital Radio

Details: Feature-packed little gadget. Available with either 4 gig, 8gig or 16gig of onboard memory. Supports various video and audio playback formats. Has an onboard DAB and FM radio. Can be connected to your telly, and has a crisp, clear touchscreen. See our review of the iAudio

Available from AdvancedMP3players

Ministry of Sound MOSDR011
Ministry of Sound MOSDR011

Details: Handheld portable DAB receiver. Rechargeable battery pack, four-way joystick, 10 preset memories, M bass system, station hold, clock, blue backlight display showing scrolling station information, integrated antenna, stereo headphones and carrying case. Became available in Feb 2003.

Available for £129.99 from Argos

Oono MiniDAB 2plus2
oono MiniDAB 2Plus2 MP3 Player

This is a small (10cm tall) and powerful DAB radio, that also has FM radio, MP3 playback, and recording capabilities.

This little unit runs from a rechargeable battery, supports PC connectivity for transferring of content, and direct recording in MP3 format – something not found in other DAB radios. It also has a stereo line-in socket (which can also accept a mic), for direct recording to MP3 format (rates up to 256kbps) – all without the need for a PC. The unit takes an SD card, and has a built-in speaker for radio and MP3 playback.

More on our oono MiniDAB page

Available for £179.99 from AdvancedMP3players

Perstel DR 101
Perstel DR 101

Details: Handheld portable DAB receiver. Smaller than a cassette tape, powered by two AA batteries (can be mains powered too) and complete with leather case and stereo headphones, this is an easy-to-use pocket radio, great for getting DAB on the move.

Available for £99.99 from Maplin Electronics (Cat No.L77AH).

Perstel DR 201
Perstel DR 201

Details: Handheld portable DAB receiver with MP3 player, FM radio and voice recorder. Supports MP3, WMA, AAC audio formats. Powered by two AA batteries (8 hours battery life).

Available for £159.99 from Maplin Electronics (Cat No. L28AH)

Perstel DR 301
Perstel DR 301

Details: Handheld portable DAB receiver with FM radio and MP3. Upgradeable by USB. Time shifting up to 1 minute. Records onto SD card (in MP2 format). Powered by three AA batteries .

Perstel Bluenote
Perstel Bluenote

Details: Handheld portable DAB receiver with backlit LCD display, telescopic aerial and headphone socket. Powered by two AA batteries. Became available in July 2003

Available for £39 from AdvancedMP3players

For more details, see our Perstel Bluenote page

Philips DA1000
Philips DAB DA1000

DAB/FM tuner with 20 station presets. Stereo earphones with integrated antenna. 10 hours playback time. White backlit dot matrix LCD display. Powered by 2 x AA rechargeable batteries

Available for £74.99 from Amazon
Available for £99.99 from Argos

Pure PocketDAB
Pure Digital PocketDAB 1000/ HRX1000

The first pocket-sized battery DAB radio from Pure. Powered by 3 x AA batteries, or supplied mains adapter. Preset EQ. Headphone lead doubles as DAB aerial. Released 4th June 2003

Available for £99.99 from Argos

Pure PocketDAB 2000
Pure Digital PocketDAB 2000

Details: Probably the most fully-featured, high-powered DAB receiver around… Tri-band receiver for DAB band III, L-band and FM, 20 station presets,
ReVu to pause and rewind live DAB radio,
MP3 playback from SD memory card (64MB card included).
Record radio programmes and tracks to SD card.
USB to transfer music and data to and from PC.
TxtStor to quickly save scrolling text strings for viewing later.
Optical output for connection to MiniDisc, CD-R or digital amplifier.

Available for £199.99 from Argos

Roberts ROB RD14
Roberts ROB RD14 Portable

Details: LCD display, DAB and FM10 presets, pre-defined tones. Runs off 2 x AA batteries.
Dimensions: 95 x 65 x 23mm.

Available for £79.98 from Play.com

Sony XDR-M1
Sony XDR-M1

Small portable DAB player with four line display. Has an FM radio. DAB and FM tuner. Remote control . Announced February 2005.

Available for £103.85 from ASDA online

Available for £149.99 from Argos


Prices, specifications and offers are subject to alteration. Refer to the websites that we link to for latest prices, information and conditions DAB receivers are available from: Tesco, Currys, Revo, and Argos.
PC-based radio receivers (including DAB) are available from Amazon, PC World, and Maplin Electronics.


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