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TV Connectors and Cables Explained

Need a connector or lead for your TV setup? We explain what the connectors do, and aim to point you in the right direction


Aerial Flylead

An Aerial Flylead is used to connect from a TV aerial socket on the wall to an aerial input socket on a TV or set-top box. They are also used to connect set-top boxes and recorders to TV sets. These will have a male aerial plug at each end. TV Aerial Flylead at Maplin.

Aerial Flylead cable
Co-ax aerial flylead

Aerial cable extender

Aerial lead with a male socket at one end and a female connector at the other end. TV Aerial Lead at Maplin.

TV aerial extender
Co-ax aerial extension lead


Aerial connector

Got a damaged aerial connector? Replace the male connector plug with a co-ax plug. Basic co-ax plug at Maplin – see also all aerial connectors at Maplin.

Aerial Co-ax plug
Co-ax aerial plug
Aerial Co-ax Socket

Co-ax aerial Socket (female)


Aerial Splitters

See our dedicated Aerial Splitter and boosters page.

Need a connector, adapter, lead or splitter? We recommend Maplin Electronics and TV Cables



If you need to connect a set-top box or a DVD player to a TV set, you’ll probably need a male-to-male SCART lead. You can buy a basic SCART connection lead at Maplin, or you may want to invest in a higher-quality SCART lead, which you can get from TV Cables.

SCART lead
SCART plugs

F-Plug connector

F-Plugs are most commonly associated with satellite TV or cable TV systems. They have a screw thread. Pictured below is a male plug on the left, and a female on the right. For cables and connectors, go to a maplin.co.uk or tvcables.co.uk.

SCART lead
Male and Female ‘F’ connectors
An F-Plug (Male) Satellite connector)


HDMI connector

Typically used to connect a High Definition set-top box or DVD player to an HD-Ready TV set. We have a page dedicated to HDMI cables, connectors and converters. See our HDMI advice page.

HDMI plugs

Component Connectors

Can be used to connect some types of set-top box to a TV set. Red, Green and Blue for Y,Pb,Pr component connectivity. Note that these carry video only, not audio. For Component connectors and adapters, go to a maplin.co.uk or tvcables.co.uk.

Component Connectors
Two sets of Component Plugs


Composite Connectors

Three leads – red and white for stereo audio, and yellow for video. For connectors and adapters, go to a maplin.co.uk or tvcables.co.uk.

Composite Connectors
Two sets of composite leads


Connectors Explained

Co-ax Explained Co-ax plugA co-ax plug is the kind you’d expect to find on the end of the wire that comes from your TV aerial.

For a selection of co-ax leads, converters and extensions, go to the Maplin website.

SCART Explained SCART plugYou’ll typically find a SCART socket on most modern TVs, DVD recorders, DVD players and many video recorders. It’s a 21 PIN rectangular connector that carries video and audio signals, as well as switching commands

For a selection of SCART leads and switch boxes, go to the Maplin website.

HDMI explained HDMI plugHDMI stands for “High Definition Media Interface”. This is the connector used to connect most high-definition equipment (such as the Sky+HD , Virgin V+ or BT Vision box) to a hi-def TV set. HDMI cables carry both video and audio. See our HDMI advice page for more.

If you’re looking for an HDMI cable, try TV Cables or Maplin Electronics


Your questions answered

How can I connect my Freeview box to a PC monitor?

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5 Responses to "TV Connectors and Cables Explained"

  1. Andy Dyson Says:

    I’d like to use remote earphones with my TV but it doesn’t have an earphone socket.
    Can you help please?
    Warm regards,
    Andy Dyson.

  2. Radio&Telly Says:

    What other outputs does your TV have?

  3. Gaz Says:

    I just picked up (in fact,it took 2 of us) a SONY KDE P37XS1 Plasma TV as a second set,and THOUGHT it would be a simple matter to connect up my Desktop Computer,BUT no,as it doesn’t have a VGA socket.

    Some say it can be connected,others say it can’t…got any Aspirin?

    It doesn’t help that I don’t have the manual,and the one I’ve seen on-line doesn’t seem to explain the connections,but just gives “Letters” in the picture,such as


    With what LOOKS like 3 different Ariel connections.

    So,my question to you is…can you please direct me to a site that will explain these cables (unless you can)? and do you think I can get a cable to connect this TV to a computer,such as a VGA to?.

    If you can help,many thanks,if not,NO problem…I’ll work it out :-)

    All the best


  4. Kate Says:

    Hi We had Scart leads put into the walls so that when we hung the flat screen tv there would be no wires until much lower down where we would place the tv hub and recorder etc. I now have a new tv provider which only gives an HDMI lead. Is there a converter that allows a male scart to plug in and then have an HDMI lead which will plug into the TV provider?

  5. Clare Says:

    I lost the TV cable when we moved for my daughter’s room. The problem is the whole for the cable is not like a kettle lead. It is round with wholes for pins in it and I don’t know how to find one of these. Could you help please :-)

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