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Adult TV Channels in the UK

A summary of the various adult TV services on offer in the UK, plus an overview of what each digital TV provider offers

What's on offer?

On this page, we look at the mainstream adult TV channels, including Playboy TV, The Adult Channel, Redhot TV and Television X.

We look at which adult entertainment channels are available, and what's available to the various platforms: Sky digital, Virgin Media, TalkTalk TV, BT Vision and Freeview.


The Adult Channel

The Adult Channel is available on Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk TV. Some content is also available on-demand on BT Vision and Virgin Media.

Subscription is £15.99 a month, and includes Playboy TV and Top Shelf TV


Playboy TV

The Playboy TV is available on Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk TV.

Subscription is £15.99 a month, and includes The Adult Channel and Top Shelf TV


Red Hot TV

Red Hot TV is available on Sky Digital and Virgin. Some content is available on-demand with BT Vision and Virgin Media.

Channels offered are: Red Hot Amateur, Red Hot 40+. Red Hot Fetish, Red Hot Mums

You can pay to view all five channels for £5.99 a night


Television X

Television X is available on Sky Digital, Virgin Media and Freeview. Some content is available on-demand on BT Vision and Virgin Media

Channels offered are Television X, Television X Amateur, Television X Brits

Subscription is £9.99 a month for the three channels (Sky and Virgin). On Freeview, it's £9.99 a month for just the one channel, or £6.99 per night.

Freeview LogoHow do I watch Television X on Freeview? As there's no subscription card slot on most Freeview receivers, access to Television X on Freeview is a little different. You need to register using your phone number, supplying credit card or debit card details. When you want to watch, you phone or text for a PIN code, which is valid for one night's viewing. .


Who's offering what adult services?

A quick look at the services offered by the various digital TV providers:

Sky Logo
  • Subscription channels including: Playboy TV, Adult Channel, Spice Extreme, Television X channels, Red Hot TV channels
  • Pay-to-view services from: Playboy TV, Red Hot TV, Hustler, Climax and several more. On-demand adult movies also available via Sky Box Office
  • Free-to-view: Various Babestation and Tease Me channels

Details on show to get Sky on our Sky Digital pages or at

  • Subscription channels: Television X, Playboy TV and Television X channels.
  • On demand content: Selection of on-demand adult content available
  • Pay-to-view channels include: Television X, Playboy, Adult Channel, Top Shelf, Red Hot 40+

More on our Virgin Media page. To see if you're in a cable area, go to

BT Vision
  • On demand content from Playboy TV, Adult channel, Television X, Hustler, Spice, Red Hot, Fantasy

Before you can access on-demand adult content with BT Vision, you need to get an Adult PIN by calling 0800 0270 148 (10am to 2am). You can also get a PIN online

More on our BT Vision Review page or at

TalkTalk Logo
  • Subscription channels: Playboy TV, The Adult Channel, Spice Extreme, The Lovers Guide and Trade TV

More details at, or on our TalkTalk TV page

Freeview Logo
Apart from the various Babestation and Tease Me free-to-view services, the only other service available is the Television X service - either £9.99 a month or £6.99 a night using a PIN number. See above.
Freesat Logo
No subscription services available. Some free-to-view Babestation channels available.




Your questions answered:


Q. How do I cancel a subscription to Playboy TV / Adult Channel?

You need to give one month's notice of cancellation in writing. The channels are operated by Playboy TV UK/Benelux Limited, and their terms and conditions state: "If you want to end the Contract after the Minimum Term for any reason, just give us one calendar month's notice in writing."

To cancel, send a letter, including your subscription card number, to the following address:

HVC Limited
PO Box 26716

If you need more help, call Adult Channel on 08448 42 96 90


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